Matrix Resurrections is preparing to arrive, but where does the choice of a new chapter come from? What do you want to tell? Here are some theories.

There is one thing that mankind has always tried to measure: time : sundials, hourglasses, clocks and finally digital. But how do I explain the time to someone? How can I explain the seconds that pass when they are not tangible? I don’t know this: I can tell you, however, that time in the world of cinema is marked by films that change the way we make that type of film . We are in 1999, two brothers knock on the doors of Warner Bros with an idea that will change the world of cinema: the Matrix . They still don’t know what it is: it’s a film but it’s also a comic because the storyboard is entirely drawn; it’s a science fiction film but it raises huge questions about life and its existence. Matrix Resurrectionsis coming and the question I ask myself is: will this fourth chapter be able to upset things as the first of the three did?


The teaser trailer that we have proposed begins to tickle my imagination and suddenly brings me back to the past, at the end of the trilogy, but also at the beginning of the same: in the teaser you can see fragments that I dare to call “fragments of memory” , like when we see a short-haired girl dressed in black leather next to a phone while a swarm of policemen come in with shotguns, and for someone like me who grew up with this trilogy, Trinity can only flash before the eyes of Trinity in that room, on the other hand, the scene that first gives life and sets the record straight on the impact of the film: the scene of Trinity fighting with police officers was the first in which the spiral camera system was used, designed to record a fragment of an image each and then merged in the editing room; this has marked the world of science fiction films which are divided into “before” and “after” Matrix.

A question keeps penetrating my head: was Matrix Resurrections really necessary? Could this fourth chapter somehow destroy what was there before? The answer to the first question was “no, maybe it wasn’t necessary but if they shot it, it can only mean one thing (and here I connect to the second question), that is that  everything we have experienced previously, could be questioned . “and here in the teaser I see images that trace the past, such as what appears to be Agent Smith beating on the side of Neo (who today has long hair) as happened in the famous first fight on the subway platform in the first chapter , then I see a silhouette of Morpheus hit by a white light, and also what appears to be a young Morpheus touching a mirror and – I’m sure – you will remember that Neo’s journey through the Matrix began like this.

Matrix Resurrections trailer

Listening to the teaser, the words this voiceover says are “do you remember how you got here? You can no longer distinguish reality from fantasy “and if Neo in his act of extreme sacrifice occurred in the third chapter, aimed at stopping Agent Smith, had reset the Matrix and died only physically, or in the” real “world where the City of Machines, and what we have in front of us is none other than the consciousness of Neo himself who is “lost” in the Matrix and has to find his “way home”? This would explain his “suicide attempt” which we see when he tries to throw himself off a restaurant railing, as if he wants to prove to himself that he is not actually in reality but in the Matrix. The meeting withTrinity in that room we see could be his reminiscence, his desire, while the opening of the door of light and what seems to be Agent Smith who enters by force (in a frame placed horizontally) makes us think to a pursuit of the latter aimed at capturing the Chosen One .

Matrix also made school in the world of video games with products of excellent value such as Matrrix: Path of Neo and Enter the Matrix where the story of Neobe and Ghost was told. Today its impact on the modern videogame scene , what would it be? Well I imagine it in the Open World style with the ability to move anywhere and choose how to proceed independently, moreover it could have a strong online connotation, with the possibility perhaps of impersonating Agents or saviors such as Neo, Morpheus and others. The gaming world would welcome this tie-in in the best way I’m sure. We just have to wait and choose the right pill, the Red one!

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