Male Fertility Tomato Supplement improves it

Male Fertility Tomato Supplement improves it

A tomato extract, namely Lacto-Lycopene, according to a new study would significantly improve male fertility by acting on the quality of sperm. According to a double-blind study conducted on a sample of men suffering from infertility, this compound derived from cooked tomato would improve sperm quality by 40%.

Male fertility supplement of cooked tomato to improve it

The study, conducted by two departments of the University of Sheffield, the Department of Oncology and Metabolism and that of Human Nutrition, and published, used a supplement based on Lacto-Lycopene with maximum bioavailability, manufactured by Future You of Cambridge.
In fact, lycopene is a carotenoid contained in tomato, which gives it its characteristic red color, but also in pink grapefruit and watermelon. However, it is difficult for the human body to assimilate (i.e. it is not bio-assimilable), especially if the tomatoes are eaten raw.
The supplement used for the study therefore derives from cooked tomato and is a derivative of lycopene.

Leading scientists gave 30 adult male volunteers ages 19 to 60 with lacto-lycopene for 12 weeks, while another 30 volunteers were given a placebo. Semen and blood samples from all participants were then taken.
The goal of the study was actually to see if certain antioxidants improved male performance and health parameters.
Scientists say they are amazed at the results obtained. In less than three months, sperm from the first group were 40% more viable.
Here are the details of the study. 

Male fertility lacto-lycopene supplement: where to find it

As I told you, a specific supplement was used for the study. The supplement is much more efficient in cases like this than natural food. One would have to eat long-cooked pounds of tomatoes every day to get perhaps a third of the results.

The supplement used is this: Fertility + by Future You.  You can buy it, after consulting your doctor (!), Only on the Future You website.

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