Malata improves at 82 thanks to the anti-Alzheimer’s diet

Malata improves at 82 thanks to the anti-Alzheimer’s diet

And we come to a story that is almost unbelievable.

An 82-year-old British woman, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and forced to live in a hospital residence, has had a notable regression of her disease and has returned to life thanks to a new diet.

To achieve this little miracle was the son , Mark Hatzer.

His mother, Sylvia, who no longer recognized him, was convinced that she had been kidnapped, and that she was in a horrible hotel, with punctual phone calls to the police to be rescued by the nurses.

The situation was such that Mark, determined to try everything in order to save her, imposed a new diet on her, after life in the nursing home had become so unbearable that the woman had been discharged.

And so Mark tried a different approach, the food one.


Plenty of blueberries and walnuts, several times a day, strawberries, Brazil nuts, two servings of broccoli, Chinese cabbage or spinach drizzled with oil and a tablespoon of sunflower seeds, fish, dark chocolate, oats for breakfast, cups of green tea and roasted sweet potatoes.

This is the nutrition that Sylvia Hatzer followed on her way home.
The results? In two months on the diet, Sylvia returned to call her son by name.
Instead, in the following months she was able to go out, see friends again, take a walk, and now she even does crossword puzzles with the help of her family, and lots of party games.

Mark says he was inspired by the Mediterranean diet and the Mind diet , and explained that with his mother the results were astounding.

So much so that even the Alzheimer’s Society shared the Hatzer family’s recipes and Sylvia’s diet plan.


But there is more. A new study has identified high levels of aluminum in people with Alzheimer’s.

The advice is therefore to focus on detoxifying and natural foods, but also to cook in ceramic or glass pans, and avoid aluminum in preserved foods and for food preservation.

It has been seen that chlorella algae in combination with coriander, methyl-sulfonyl-methane, selenium and inositol are the key additions to detoxify from this and other heavy metals.

It is no coincidence that Brazil nuts, fruits and vegetables, especially red fruits and leafy vegetables, seaweed and fish naturally contain these ingredients.

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