The herbal tea before bed for those with weight problems

The herbal tea before bed for those with weight problems

A herbal tea before bed, which has effects on blood sugar, bacterial flora, intestinal regularity, and improves the metabolism of lipids, helping us to burn fat.

It consists of only two ingredients, but for it to work these two ingredients must be of quality.
The two ingredients, the essential ones to which you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice, are Manuka honey and cinnamon. In this article I will explain how these two ingredients have a proven effectiveness and work synergistically and what to choose.


The first ingredient of this herbal tea, as I anticipated, is cinnamon.


Cinnamon has long been studied for its hypoglycemic effect.
But recently it has been seen that cinnamaldehyde , a cinnamon compound, improves lean mass and reduces fat mass thanks to a thermogenic effect, and on a sample of adults, not animals or in vitro . A study then focused on the effectiveness of cinnamon extract in aqueous solution, noting an improvement in subjects suffering from metabolic syndrome. Another interesting compound in cinnamon would be MHCP, an element which, however, can only be found in trace amounts in some types of cinnamon.

It has been shown that this compound, but only in in vitro studies, would burn even more sugar.
The ideal thing is therefore to use the mother tincture of cinnamon bark (hydroalcoholic solution) , in 30 drops, which you can request in herbal medicine, like this one.  

Finally, you can try some good quality cinnamon sticks, but clearly the percentage of cinnamaldehyde is much lower than the mother tincture of the bark .

Personally I suggest Ceylon cinnamon  over Cassia.
Remember that cinnamon is contraindicated in pregnant women, children and in those who follow anticoagulant therapy.

Per fare la tisana prima di dormire si utilizzano le stecche. 
Va fatta bollire una stecca o un cucchiaio di corteccia (8 grammi) per dieci minuti in 500 ml di acqua. Filtrate la tisana, fatela raffreddare del tutto e dolcificate una tazza (250 ml) con un cucchiaino di miele di Manuka.
Non sciogliete il miele nel liquido bollente!

Se invece usate tintura madre di corteccia, non c’è bisogno di fare tisane. Mettete 30 gocce di tintura madre in mezzo bicchiere di acqua con un cucchiaino di miele di Manuka.

Why Manuka Honey? Because as I wrote here , Manuka honey is useful not only for digestion and intestinal regularity, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. If taken at night, half an hour before going to bed, this honey “works” in the intestine. A level teaspoon is enough. Possibly another teaspoon in the morning, in water and lemon, as an intestinal purifier, before breakfast.

In all preparations, both as a drink and as an herbal tea before sleeping, this compound should be drunk thirty minutes before going to bed, for no less than 4-6 weeks. Then take a 2-3 week break and repeat the treatment.

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