Magnetotherapy and cellulite

Magnetotherapy and cellulite

Magnetotherapy can be useful in case of cellulite because it improves blood circulation by reducing inflammation and water retention.

Magnetotherapy and cellulite

Magnetotherapy is a non – invasive therapy used above all in the treatment of pain and bone fractures. Magnetotherapy is also used to reduce cellulite , as it appears to be effective in reabsorbing edema, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.


What is magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy is a treatment that uses the action of electromagnetic and low or high frequency fields, produced by magnets that are applied directly to the skin .

The electromagnetic fields would stimulate the blood supply to the area where they are applied , improving blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.

Magnetotherapy today represents an alternative therapy used for the treatment of various problems. Magnetic therapy is used, for example, to decrease pain , to reduce inflammatory states , to speed up bone calcification in the event of fractures, to promote blood circulation and to improve tissue elasticity.

Magnetotherapy would act by mobilizing the positive and negative ions present inside and outside the cells of our body, thus modifying the membrane potential and stimulating cellular activity .

Magnetotherapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that does not produce localized heat. 

The price of a magnetotherapy session is variable since it is possible to carry out the sessions in public or private facilities . In public facilities, a ticket is applied per session or for cycles of sessions, while in private centers the cost for a session is generally between 10 and 50 euros.

It is also possible to buy or rent the equipment to carry out magnetotherapy at home : in the case of rental, many companies offer the equipment for magnetotherapy at a price of around five euros per day. According to the type of problem to be treated, it is therefore possible to choose between various options with different costs.


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Magnetotherapy and cellulite

Cellulite is a blemish that affects the hypodermis, that is, the tissue under the dermis. Cellulite is caused by an alteration of the blood microcirculation that causes an increase in the volume of adipocytes (fat cells) and water retention, due to the presence of extracellular fluid.

The presence of cellulite can depend on several factors , including genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, a sedentary lifestyle or an incorrect diet .

To reduce cellulite it is therefore necessary to correct the lifestyle and resort to treatments that improve blood circulation . Magnetotherapy seems to be effective as an adjuvant treatment against cellulite precisely because it acts on the blood circulation.

Thanks to magnetotherapy it seems to be possible to reduce the water retention and inflammation that accompany cellulite.

Generally a session of magnetotherapy lasts between twenty and thirty minutes and 10-15 sessions are enough to be carried out in about a month, to obtain visible results.

Magnetotherapy does not present particular risks but is contraindicated in pregnant women , in people suffering from epilepsy and in pacemakers or magnetizable prostheses.

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