Lose 4 kg in a month with the Slim Data method

Lose 4 kg in a month with the Slim Data method

The Slim Data Method or Rougier Method is a slimming path that is based on winning food combinations to lose 4 kg in a month by eating to your fill . It is a very easy program, created by Dr. Yann Rougier, a Parisian doctor specializing in neuro-nutrition.

Its Slim Data method allows those who do not like diets with weighted foods to eat at will certain foods, which vary by slimming phase, and lose 4 kg in a month as a minimum weight loss. Foods are selected based on an index called the Slim Index or Metabolic Index.

This index divides foods into color bands according to three criteria and assigns them a point from zero to one hundred.

  • The enzymatic capacity of a food (more or less digestible)
  • Its glycemic index
  • Calories per 100 grams (calorie density).

Foods are divided into colors : green, orange, blue and purple foods.
Once you understand this, the meal plan becomes very easy, you do it yourself by choosing the foods from the lists and following the rules.

Green foods can be eaten at will.
Orange and blue ones are associated with green foods but in moderate quantities: a small-medium portion.
The purples are not allowed except for an occasional whim, for example once a week or every two weeks, in combination with the green ones (quantity: the smallest portion). Let’s see how to combine foods

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