Low-glycemic foods: the list

Low-glycemic foods: the list

I have already talked about the glycemic index diet , the forerunners of which were undoubtedly the Montignac diet and the Barry Sears Zone.

A low calorie diet and glycemic index control are essential for losing weight.
So here is  the list of foods with a low glycemic index , with particular attention to complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index .

Let’s remember a little what “low glycemic index” means and how much the glycemic index counts for weight loss .

Foods with a low glycemic index are those foods that, after consuming them, do not raise the blood sugar much even though they contain sugars (compared to glucose or white bread).

But the quantity also counts.
Legumes are a low glycemic index food, but if I eat for example 150 grams of them dry they will have a glycemic load similar to half a portion of white rice.

This tells us that:

  • foods with a low glycemic index should not be consumed in free quantities, but always taking into account an average portion.
  • foods with a high glycemic index can be consumed by reducing portions and combining them with foods with a very low glycemic index.

For example, rice (white) in doses of 50 grams, cooked al dente and combined with many courgettes or leafy vegetables has a low glycemic load, despite being a food with a high glycemic index.

Watermelon is a fruit with a high glycemic index, but a slice, taking into account how much water the fruit contains, does not raise the blood sugar especially when combined with a protein food, for example Greek yogurt.

The glycemic index also varies according to:

  • cooking and preservation method (thermal factor)
  • processing method (for industrial foods)
  • food ripening (if natural).

I explain how to use the glycemic index also in this video: lose weight with the glycemic index diet. 

Finally, not all foods that raise blood sugar raise insulin the same way.
On the contrary. Dairy products raise insulin but have a low glycemic index .

However, the key to weight loss would be to consume low (or medium) glycemic index foods to stay fit.

Let’s now see a list of foods with a low glycemic index.

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