Losing weight at 50: the 6 best tips

Losing weight at 50: the 6 best tips


Women, but how difficult is it to lose weight at 50? And what is the cause of this resistance to weight loss? Many of you will answer me: menopause, but menopause can affect the redistribution of body weight, it is not necessarily linked to weight gain.

What is certain is that in menopause women tend to accumulate more fat around the abdomen than before. One thing that exposes them to a greater risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack, explains a recent Korean study. 

And there are few scientific studies that deal with menopausal women , the Guardian denounces today . For example, there is a lot of talk about how estrogen loss promotes visceral fat, osteoporosis and other symptoms that can last more than seven years, such as hot flashes.

But not all the scientific community agrees that the reason is only the cessation of production of estradiol, the form of estrogen of fertile women. For example, there are some studies that question the relationship between estradiol deficiency and osteoporosis. In one, eighty percent of menopausal women who received estrogen hormone replacement therapy still had osteoporosis or osteopenia.
This does not mean that you need to throw in the towel.

There are some tips that are useful for losing weight at 50 and that find general approval in both women and men.

You gain weight more easily if the person is sedentary, for example, the problems get worse if you already have high blood sugar before menopause.
Let’s see how to behave to lose weight at 50.


  • Restore muscle strength.

    This is what a study explains: from the age of 50 onwards men and women are weaker in terms of muscles. Not only that: the movements are more reduced, that is, we move with less efficiency, the joints are more delicate. In short, in women who want to lose weight at the age of 50 it is necessary to work with small weights and targeted exercises to promote the growth of muscle mass. On a hormonal level, this has a positive effect on bone health. Yes, but how do I, what do I do? I don’t like the gym, many tell me.

    Well, on youtube there are many channels, even if in English, of physical activities with small weights designed for women in menopause, lasting about half an hour. It is simply necessary to imitate the exercises, for those who do not chew a foreign language. For example this or this .
    Walking alone is not enough : it is a cardiovascular activity, while yoga activates the muscles and can be done at any age. Another very interesting course for those who want to lose weight at 50 is water aerobics.

  • Be more active the rest of the time.

    How? By increasing the Neat, that is all those movements that are not purely physical exercises, but increase the daily energy expenditure. For example, walking while talking on the cell phone, stretching, listening to music while moving in time with the head. In other words, these are micro-movements that increase energy expenditure over the course of 24 hours. Find it all here: Neat for weight loss .

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