Lose weight in two weeks: here is the super effective diet!

Lose weight in two weeks: here is the super effective diet!

On this site we talked about a lot of diets: the detox diet , the DASH diet , the ketogenic diet , the ice cream diet .

Today, however, I want to offer you a method to lose weight in two weeks.

Fourteen days!

A difficult goal, no doubt about it, but try to follow me. Let’s see what comes out.

If you have tried one of the diets that I told you before, it is likely that if you have eaten little for a short period of time this thing has not helped you.

In long-lasting, effective diets, the foundation is that there is a change in eating habits.

While it takes at least three weeks to transform a habit in two weeks, it is possible to follow a very convincing diet.

Some basic rules

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Make sure you drink at least two liters of water a day.

Not only does this make you super hydrated, but it helps you feel full with zero calories.

You can vary a little bit with coconut water, lemon water.

Exercise is a must, not a maybe if you have some free time but a must!

You will need to work out six days a week if you expect to see real weight loss results.

Promise me now to stay away from these foods:

  • Processed fats and fast food
  • Sugary drinks and alcohol
  • Simple carbohydrates such as desserts and white flour products.

What can we eat

One of the reasons diets fail is that people can’t stand the fact that they are too restrictive. And I, on the other hand, have no intention of doing this with you.

[ninja-inline id = 3386]Variety is not just the spice of life but the secret to a successful diet. When you are stuck on a diet it is because you are always eating the same things and not only are you getting bored but also your metabolism.

Instead of rushing to the first fast food and stopping your diet, try following my tips.

Your choice.

I’ll give you a couple of fully customizable meal ideas that I like to call “basic points”. So we can put a real basis on this diet.

For example, when I’m hungry at night I throw myself on oatmeal. Because they don’t have that many calories. This is my staple when on a diet. Because I like it and because I know it doesn’t hurt me.

Now the point is what I was telling you before: we don’t have to have a Nazi camp diet regimen. We must try to eat healthy and be happy. And if we didn’t lose all the weight we set for ourselves, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t do us any good.

Fully customizable foods

1. Oats

As I said earlier my favorite breakfast has to do with oats .

Don’t buy the packets of oatmeal at the grocery store with added sugars, though. Buy the simple ones. And mix the oats with the milk, just old fashioned.


Use a different milk: almonds, cashews, coconuts, hemp.
Add nuts: almonds, walnuts, shelled pistachios or pecans.
Sprinkle seeds: chia, ground flax seeds or hemp hearts
Add fruit: blueberries, raspberries, banana, peach
Flavor enhancers: pure maple syrup, cinnamon, pure vanilla extract or honey.

2. Chia pudding

Chia pudding , just like overnight oats, can be made in advance the night before and customized to your preference.

When chia seeds are soaked in liquids such as milk or fruit juice, they expand and turn into a jelly-like consistency similar to pudding. This pudding makes you feel full fast and reduces the craving for junk food.

Just take 30 grams of chia seeds in a cup of milk with honey or pure maple syrup. Customize oats the same way if you like.

3. Roasted chicken breast

Chicken breast is a lean protein you can cook once and reuse for leftovers during the week. You can customize it with different toppings and vegetables (and even fruit!).

120 grams of skinned chicken breast is 188 calories, with 49% of the calories coming from fat.

120 grams of skinless chicken breast is just 118 calories, with 11% of those calories coming from fat. Fat drops to just 1.4g of total fat and 0.4g of saturated fat.

It’s worth taking it off, right?

If you think skinless chicken is dry, I’ll give you some advice.

You will need:

Butter or other healthy oil of your choice
1 or more boneless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper (+ other spices or seasonings)
Here’s what you need to do:

Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Put a little oil or butter in a pan to prevent the chicken from sticking.
Place the chicken rubbed with oil or butter and salt and pepper on the pan.
Add herbs, vegetables or fruits such as orange or lemon wedges all over the chicken for extra flavor.
Cover the chicken with aluminum foil.
Cook for 30 minutes.

4. Baked salmon

Salmon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s full of omega-3s, plus 39g of protein.

You can grill salmon or roast it in the oven.

Here is a simple basic two-serving recipe to get you started:

You will need:

2 wild salmon fillets
1 lemon, chopped
a bunch of fresh dill, chopped
2 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Spray a glass dish with non-stick cooking spray.
Put the salmon fillets in the pan. Squeeze the lemon juice on each fillet. Sprinkle with black pepper, dill and garlic.
Cook for 10 to 20 minutes and when cooked squeeze the lemon over the salmon again.

5. Vinaigrette

Instead of choosing fatty toppings from a bottle that can contain lots of added sugar and preservatives, it’s super easy to make your own vinaigrette at home.

Here’s what it takes for a basic recipe:

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of vinegar
salt and black pepper
All you have to do is beat all the ingredients in a bowl.

Here you can customize with different ingredients:

Avocado oil for example.
Choose white vinegar, apple vinegar, red wine vinegar.
Add garlic and balsamic vinegar for a Mediterranean twist
Dijon mustard and honey are a classic combination.Fresh
lemon juice, oregano and garlic for a simple salad dressing.

6. Pasta substitutes

Nobody should eat refined white flour foods. If we really want to eat pasta we should eat wholemeal pasta.

uinoa is gaining in popularity because it is damn healthy. It is a complete protein, has a lot of fiber and is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. It can be used instead of pasta and rice.

Here’s how it’s used:

Bring 150 grams of raw quinoa and 2 cups of water or broth to a boil in a medium saucepan.
Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer until the quinoa is tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed, say 15 to 20 minutes.

Another fantastic alternative are courgette noodles, aka ” Zoodles “. You can use a peeler, mandolin, or spiral vegetable cutter to make these noodles.

Two week diet

First week

1st day – Monday

Lose weight in two weeks: 1st day

Breakfast: oats with banana and dried fruit

Snack: Apple with 1 tablespoon of almond butter

Lunch: avocado salad with eggs

Snack: 75 grams of cucumber with a slice of Swiss cheese

Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with tabbouleh

2nd day – Tuesday

Breakfast: Chia pudding

Snack: A hard-boiled egg

Lunch: Whole grain pita bread with hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers and a sprinkling of feta cheese

Snack: 30 grams of almonds

Dinner: Zoodles with roasted salmon

3rd day – Wednesday

Breakfast: milk, oats with blueberries, cinnamon, honey

Snack: Celery and carrots with hummus

Lunch: Roast chicken on 1 slice of wholemeal bread topped with tomato and avocado always in the tabbouleh

Snack: Handful of berries and nuts

Dinner: Mediterranean omelette

4th Day – Thursday

Lose weight in two weeks: 4th day

Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with butter

Snack: 1 pear with 30 grams of goat cheese

Lunch: Caprese salad with white beans in vinaigrette

Snack: 75 grams of Greek yogurt with 30 grams of blueberries

Dinner: Grilled salmon with avocado and quinoa salsa

5th Day – Friday

Breakfast: Omelette with vegetables and half a whole grain muffin

Snack: 10 baby carrots with vinaigrette

Lunch: garlic shrimp and quinoa

Snack: Cabbage and guacamole chips

Dinner: Chicken crust with vegetables

6th day: Saturday

Breakfast: milk, oats with strawberries and almonds

Snack: 2 slices of lean ham with 1 slice of Swiss cheese

Lunch: Pie with spinach and quinoa

Snack: 150 grams of sliced ​​apples with 30 grams of Cheddar

Dinner: Large bowl of mixed vegetables

Day 7: Sunday

Breakfast: Two eggs with avocado slices and roasted tomato

Snack: A spoonful of peanut butter

Lunch: wholemeal pita bread with chicken and pesto

Snack: 30 grams of fresh mozzarella, 1 sliced ​​tomato, balsamic vinaigrette

Dinner: salmon and asparagus 

Day 8: Monday

Lose weight in two weeks: Day 8

Breakfast: Super energetic omelette with chilli

Snack: Raw yellow and red pepper hummus

Lunch: Chicken strips on a salad with vinaigrette

Snack: 75 grams of peaches with 30 grams of ham

Dinner: bowl of Quinoa

Day 9: Tuesday

Breakfast: Carrot cake (grated carrot, raisins, pure maple syrup)

Snack: Edamame with sea salt

Lunch: Tuna in oil, wholemeal crackers, 2 clementines

Snack: popcorn with a splash of fresh lime (no butter!)

Dinner: Balsamic chicken and vegetables with quinoa

Day 10: Wednesday

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with nuts, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey

Snack: celery with almond butter and raisins

Lunch:  Quinoa burritos

Snack: roasted chickpeas

Dinner: Meatballs and salad with vinaigrette

Day 11: Thursday

Lose weight in two weeks: 11th day

Breakfast: milk and oats with almond butter and bananas

Snack: Figs and 30 grams of goat cheese

Lunch: Chicken with wholemeal bread

Snack: watermelon, 30 grams of feta cheese, fresh mint

Dinner: Homemade veggie burgers

Day 12: Friday

Breakfast: Chia pudding with homemade figs and pistachio milk

Snack: 150 grams of grapes with a slice of Swiss cheese

Lunch: Meatballs, quinoa and vegetables

Snack: 10 baby carrots with vinaigrette

Dinner: pumpkin spaghetti with mushrooms and Gruyere

Day 13: Saturday

Lose weight in two weeks: 13th day

Breakfast: pancakes

Snack: 2 slices of lean ham with 1 slice of Swiss cheese

Lunch: coleslaw

Snack: 1 pear with 30 grams goat cheese

Dinner: Thai cooked salmon 

Day 14: Sunday

Breakfast: veggie omelette (whole eggs plus egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and cheese)

Snack: Celery and carrots with hummus

Lunch: Thai pumpkin noodles with peanuts

Snack: Pumpkin pie and smoothie

Dinner: Lemon chicken with quinoa and broccoli

When you combine these healthy snacks and recipes with your workouts, you’ll be in shape right away. This two-week super-effective diet will then help you get into the habit of eating healthy.

Are you going to commit to this two-week diet plan? What recipes are you going to try?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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