Lose weight in the afternoon with these habits

Lose weight in the afternoon with these habits

Many people complain of the same thing: they wake up with a flat stomach but from after lunch the belly swells and they see themselves in poor physical shape, as well as having to deal with a certain nervous hunger in the afternoon. Why is this happening and how can it be remedied? Here are some tips for establishing new habits to lose weight in the afternoon: Lose weight by reducing bloating and nervous hunger and neutralizing cheats .

– Review the meals between breakfast and lunch: if you skip breakfast with the aim of losing weight but after five in the afternoon you get incredibly hungry or if you eat little in the first part of the day (always to lose weight) but then you have an inexorable emptiness and you gorge yourself on everything, perhaps it is smarter to review what you eat for breakfast and lunch, balancing meals with carbohydrates but also proteins: for example for breakfast two slices of rye or wholemeal bread toasted with a teaspoon of butter almond and a low-fat yogurt, chicken salad for lunch and half a cup of boiled quinoa with vegetables. This automatically reduces afternoon hunger.

– Clean up the pantry: never have snacks and cookies on hand, but focus on satiating and healthy snacks. For example 3/4 of an apple with low-carb cocoa sauce on top (mix a teaspoon of cocoa with two of water or skim milk, cinnamon and sweetener to taste) or a 0% fat Greek yogurt with a couple of almonds a bits and a sprinkle of cinnamon. If you are out and about, for example you are coming back from the office, bring something in your bag or briefcase: a protein bar or a protein biscuit with up to 150 calories can be really useful. 

– A very effective snack against afternoon hunger is gelatin: it has few calories and is satiating.
You can try the fruit flavored Jell-o or Royal Jelly . Gelatin is a natural stress reliever, so it is ideal if you suffer from nervous hunger. It is also a healthy snack if you have children at home, instead of snacks and biscuits. There are also some without sugar and with only 10 calories per serving. This way you eat but lose weight.

– Fai HIIT: Sfrutta il pomeriggio per fare un’attività di mezzora anche a casa ad alta intensità, come questa, o cerca di stare in piedi il più possibile o esci a fare una camminata. In questo modo anche la pancia sarà meno gonfia e stranamente, si ha meno fame se si fa un’attività pomeridiana. Dunque se nel pomeriggio sei a casa esci e muoviti il più possibile. Mezzora di passeggiata a passo svelto prima di cena fanno perdere più peso che in altri momenti della giornata.

– Bevi: nel pomeriggio consiglio sempre di bere qualcosa per mitigare il senso di fame. Ottima per esempio quest’acqua con bucce di mela, perché agisce sull’ormone della fame, o l’acqua sassy per sgonfiarsi. Puoi dolcificarle con del dolcificante a zero calorie. Perdi peso e liquidi in eccesso.

– DO NOT watch cooking programs: in the afternoon these programs are to be avoided, because they make you want to eat, a desire that often comes more from boredom and the sight of food than from true hunger. Turn off the TV and focus on relaxing things that aren’t about food: painting your nails, going out with friends, getting a face mask.

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