Cryotherapy for weight loss: miracle or waste of money?

Cryotherapy for weight loss: miracle or waste of money?

Also in Italy we are starting to talk about a trend that, thanks to American stars and some sportsmen, has spread in America in recent years: cryotherapy for weight loss. What does it consist of, you will say?
Simple: you immerse yourself in a tub with very low temperatures for a few minutes. Thermal shock and the body’s attempt not to freeze are supposed to burn a lot of calories, say a thousand per session.
Now I’ll explain everything you need to know about cryotherapy, and why the cryotherapy founding to lose weight is yet another trap, which can allow you to burn more, effectively, and therefore to see the weight decrease on the balance, but which will bring you back to the exact starting point when you stop the therapy.
That’s right, folks. The extra pounds will reappear as Romero’s undead. 

First, why is it supposed that by lowering the body to minimum temperatures this burns more calories?
It is called the thermogenic effect : both when the body is subjected to very cold and very hot, calories are burned in an attempt to restore an adequate body temperature. This is why when you have a high fever or eat spicy you are burning more, and in the same way when you drink something frozen (don’t do it) or expose yourself to low temperatures.

This, in the immediate future. When exposure to lower temperatures is longer, there is a conversion of beige adipocytes into brown: brown fat is the fat that is activated in thermogenic processes. Newborns have more than adults, and thin ones have more than fat: this is because fat (let’s say: white adipose tissue) acts as a thermal “insulator”, making the activation of brown fat useless, which therefore it is lower in fat. However, this causes them to burn fewer calories in the cold. Many diets have tried to take advantage of this thermogenic capacity: Tim Ferriss’s diet, the Ice Diet, the Oh My God Diet, suggesting cold showers or cold baths (in water and ice) to burn more calories.

Combining things, we get as in a mathematical sum the idea that if I keep my body in the cold, as cold as possible, I lose weight a lot . Thus was born cryotherapy for weight loss.

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