Lose weight in 5 moves according to a neuroscientist

Lose weight in 5 moves according to a neuroscientist

How to lose weight? By acting on those factors or circumstances that lead us to gain weight, explains Dr Stephan Guyenet, a neuroscientist who has been dealing with the correlation between the brain and obesity for years, and who is one of the biggest and most objective experts on weight loss.

Guyenet has written various books on why people tend to get fat, and these 5 tips for losing weight are taken from his book “ The Hungry Brain. How to recognize false brain stimuli and learn to control nervous hunger “. And today in an interview you explained them point by point. 


Calories matter.

From a scientific point of view, it is impossible to say that calories do not count in the tendency to gain weight, because it has been shown in almost all studies on both humans and animals that when subjects are subjected to high calorie diets, regardless of the type of diets, they get fat, and when they cut calories they lose weight. Having established this, and today it is impossible to think otherwise (or at least there are no studies that suggest other variables) there are many factors that affect how much we eat. By controlling these factors, you automatically lose weight, while losing weight becomes almost impossible otherwise. Or rather, you can gain weight but then you will tend to gain weight again. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO )

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