3M is here, the revolutionary diet for diabetics

3M is here, the revolutionary diet for diabetics

A diet to defeat type 2 diabetes, the result of new research from the University of Tel Aviv, which is called 3M, which stands for 3 Meals (three meals a day). According to research, this type 2 diabetic diet would reduce the need for medication or insulin and progressively lower blood sugar.

I want to talk to you in great detail about diet and research findings, with an example of a feeding pattern to prove it provided by the researchers.

Of course, talk to your doctor before changing your eating habits. Below are some pointers that you can give your doctor.


The dietary protocol is part of a project that had already been presented in recent years and of which there were promising but partial results. The project was called “Big Breakfast Study” and was led by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz of Tel Aviv University.

On Dcomedieta we had already talked about this study here . In September 2019, the journal Diabetes Care published the complete trial , with the final results of the study.

Type 2 diabetic patients who followed a diet called the “3M Diet” were found to have decreased glycated hemoglobin and insulin dosage.

The study was conducted on a sample of 28 volunteers with type 2 diabetes and also significant overweight. It was seen that, by reducing the diet by 500 calories per day but managing meals differently, the volunteers lost an average of 5-6 kilos in 3 months, reduced glycated hemoglobin, blood sugar and hunger attacks.

They also reduced the insulin dosage. All subjects were absolutely sedentary, but did not suffer from sleep disturbances such as obstructive apnea and did not do night jobs. These were the exclusion criteria.
An impressive result when you consider the fact that the diet is not too restrictive, unlike Dr. Taylor’s protocol which requires only 800 calories a day to defeat diabetes .

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