Lose weight according to D as a Diet

Lose weight according to D as a Diet

I have written numerous articles on how to lose weight .

Often these are solutions that address the problem on several fronts.
In fact, neither diet alone nor exercises alone can make us lose weight where we want, while their combination, combined with lifestyle correction, can lead to appreciable results, even if the simplest way to immediately lose localized fat remains the surgical one. Obviously.

If we intend to lose fat specifically, we must first consider our body composition and our metabolism .
How much is our lean mass compared to fat? We work out?

And what metabolism do we have?
Do we feel we are eating enough?
Are we sure we are providing the body with all the nutrients it needs?
In this guide on how to lose weight you will find all the answers to your questions. 


lose weight in the belly

  1. If you are overweight or obese. Visceral fat + subcutis in an overweight context. 

    People who are severely overweight or obese cannot aim for selective weight loss .
    They have to lose weight first, and yes, it will also mean losing weight, but that’s not all.
    So if you are overweight or have obesity problems, it is better to act immediately both at a dietary level and with moderate physical activity, trying to identify further causes of metabolic slowdown , and not just aiming to eat less.

    For these subjects I believe it is necessary to rely on a dietician, who as a doctor can also establish their fitness for physical activity and prescribe tests to identify secondary problems of obesity.

    In people who, in addition to overweight, have a metabolic syndrome, you could opt for an initial moderate low carb (few carbohydrates, more protein but average, more fat), to lose the first few pounds more easily.
    Then reintroduce carbohydrates little by little, focusing on training to remodel.
    For example: the South Beach Supercharged diet or the easy low carb diet .

  2. If you are normal weight and active but have the last few pounds to shed. Subcutaneous fat. 

    In people of normal weight but who exercise and have better body composition, if the belly continues to protrude, subcutaneous fat can be the real problem, made more evident by intestinal swelling.
    In this case it is best to follow the rules on how to lose stubborn fat. For example , the 1500 calorie diet against stubborn fat or the thermo diet .

  3. The case of the normal weight who is a fake skinny. Visceral fat + subcutis, lean legs and arms. 

    There are also people of normal weight with visceral fat problems. This is the case with the so called “skinny fakes” and here having a workout routine is very important . In fact, the more drastic diets are followed, the worse the situation gets. You can also avoid a professional approach to diet, but hiring a coach and following a few rules of proper nutrition can make the difference if we are fake skinny. For example with Aragon’s Lean Muscle Diet or the diet for the false lean. 

  4. In all the cases mentioned, trying to improve digestion, reduce foods that create intestinal fermentation and join the gym are three absolutely effective solutions that must be accompanied by a healthy, targeted and not too restrictive diet.
    In fact, body fat is lost slowly , due to an increase in metabolism and a more efficient, trained and toned body. The visceral one in case A will be easier to dispose of, that of the second more difficult.
  5. If all this were not enough, let’s see the in-depth strategies.
    Click on the links on page two to read about your tailor-made solutions. 

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