Lose 2 kg in 5 days on the fast yogurt diet

Lose 2 kg in 5 days on the fast yogurt diet

The quick yogurt diet is a deflating and draining regimen to lose 2kg in 5 days. It is a fast and easy diet with a strong draining effect, which can be repeated even once a month to maintain the weight lost.

The fast yogurt diet can also be done with other dairy or skim white cheese options such as quark, skyr, French fromage blanc, skim white Greek yogurt, or soy yogurt. The important thing is that the chosen dairy product or cheese is skimmed, unsweetened and with a maximum of 60 kcal per 100 grams.


The 5 days menu to lose 2 kg.
A cup of black or green tea or coffee at the limit + 125 grams of low-fat or soy yogurt or 100 grams of Greek yogurt / quark with cinnamon and zero-calorie sweetener.
Like breakfast. 125 grams of low-fat or soy yogurt or 100 grams of Greek yogurt / quark with cinnamon and zero calorie sweetener.
Tomato salad or mixed vegetable and vegetable salad with two hard-boiled eggs or a tin of natural tuna or 80 grams of defatted cooked ham, a teaspoon of oil. As an alternative to the salad: a free portion of minestrone without legumes or potatoes.
200 grams of apple or clementines, tangerines or oranges.
Mixed vegetable and vegetable dish cooked as you wish but seasoned with a maximum of one teaspoon of oil, 100 grams of Greek yogurt or soy mixed with a large cucumber, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

After dinner:
 a fruit of your choice, even sugary.

After these 5 days there are two transitional days in which you lose another half a kilo.
After the transition, the normal diet is resumed trying to eat in moderation and keep the breakfast of the transition phase, varying the snack and snack with a fruit of your choice.

The weekend menu or transition phase

Colazione per sabato e domenica.
200 ml di succo di arancia senza zuccheri aggiunti, una fetta wasa fit o fetta biscottata integrale, 125 grammi di yogurt magro o di soia o 100 di yogurt greco/quark con cannella e dolcificante a zero calorie.
Spuntino per sabato e domenica: mezza arancia o un mandarino/clementina.
Pranzo per sabato e domenica.
Insalata mista con due cucchiai di yogurt bianco magro e uno di olio, 25 grammi di pane integrale tostato.
Merenda solo per il sabato: mezza arancia o un mandarino/clementina.
Cena del sabato: un frutto a pezzi a scelta + 200 grammi di yogurt magro o di soia o di skyr bianco o 150 grammi di yogurt greco scremato/quark con un cucchiaino di miele e cannella.
Sunday dinner.
A second choice between meat, fish, tofu. A plate of vegetables or vegetables of your choice with a teaspoon of oil with which to season 50 grams of wholemeal pasta or rice. Herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey.

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