Liz Earle’s Weekly Menopausal Diet Menu

Liz Earle’s Weekly Menopausal Diet Menu

Liz Earle for those who do not know her is an entrepreneur who has created a magazine of the same name on wellness and health , but also the author of over 30 books on beauty, health and natural remedies. She also founded a cosmetic products company, and is a well-known face on TV. Something similar to our Lambertucci.
With the only difference being that Earle had her fifth child at the age of 47.

A well-known face of wellness in England, Earle recently published a book on menopause that collects all the secrets of the experts who have contributed to her magazine over the years.

She explains that this post-menopausal diet is the same one that she successfully follows after she leaves. On Dcomedieta I was able to find a weekly menu of Liz Earle’s menopause diet.


The basic rules of this menopause diet are as follows.

  1. Exclude all simple sugars from your diet, so no sweets, sugar in coffee, etc. Try sugar-free alternatives instead: stevia or erythritol for liquids, sugar-free jams and cakes made by you with natural sugars (fruit), and a sugar substitute like stevia.
  2. Replace flours and refined products with wholemeal alternatives.
  3. Add a high-protein food to every meal: for example, skimmed Greek yogurt for breakfast or an egg, meat or fish for lunch and dinner, or legumes and tofu.
  4. Take a low-dose vitamin D supplement (400-1000 IU) from September to March to support hormone and bone health.
  5. Olive oil, almonds, avocado, dark chocolate and three servings of fish a week – with these foods you get the right fats to support hormones.
  6. Get magnesium, phytoestrogens and fiber from natural sources: vegetables, whole grains and legumes.
    Let’s see the menu on page two.

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