He manages to lose 60 kg without spending money

He manages to lose 60 kg without spending money

The news goes around the world of an Australian woman , who managed to lose 60 kg in less than a year, to be precise in 9 months, spending two dollars a week on replacement meals. The woman’s name is Jackie Burrows, and she was looking for a solution to her pounds too much of her after realizing she had reached 127 pounds. In her case it was her pregnancies that made her put on her weight: from the first she had already gained 30 kilos and she had not been able to lose them.

Demoralized, she had tried many diets, she explains, but the situation had worsened if possible. She didn’t have the money for a nutritionist, much less for a bariatric surgery. In short, Jackie is the classic woman who, with a family on her shoulders, didn’t have much to make ends meet.

Until a colleague of hers went to the office with a box of replacement meals she found on offer for two dollars at a well-known mall and which she said was working.

And while following the same lead as friends or colleagues is often a failure option for losing weight, for Jackie it was the game changer. After all, it was only two dollars a week.

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