Light ricotta cheesecake for breakfast

Light ricotta cheesecake for breakfast

Are you looking for a different and tasty breakfast, satisfying and sweet just right, but with few calories? Something that makes you forget about sweets all day? Here is a very simple and quick recipe of ricotta cheesecake that is made as a single portion.

This light ricotta cheesecake, with its 250 calories, is rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamins and proteins, but has very little fat and only natural sugars. It is also very creamy and above all it has a high satiating power!
Here is the recipe.


  • 35 grams of dried figs (about 2-3)
  • 90 grams of Santa Lucia Light ricotta + a cup of skimmed milk or soy or rice
    (as an alternative to ricotta and milk: a 170 gram package of 0% fage Greek yogurt: in this case it is more)
  • a Wasa slice (blue pack) or a wholemeal rusk
  • stevia to sweeten
  • a generous cup of decaffeinated espresso coffee
  • a drop of rum flavor or almond flavor
  • 5 almonds or a tablespoon of sliced ​​almonds
  • a sprinkling of bitter cocoa with added cinnamon and stevia

Put the dried figs in hot water for an hour, squeeze them well, put them in a blender with the almonds, a little stevia, an optional pinch of cinnamon. Chop everything well. Add the ricotta + the milk or the Greek yogurt, and the aroma. Blend for a few seconds.
Aside, wet the wasa or biscuit slice with some espresso sweetened with the stevia and place it in coarse pieces on the bottom of a nice glass or single-serving bowl.
Pour in the cream, slightly level the surface, sprinkle with a level teaspoon of bitter cocoa added to cinnamon and a pinch of stevia, cover everything with cling film and keep in the fridge.
For breakfast, take out your light ricotta cheesecake half an hour before and enjoy it right away.

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