Light apple strudel, the sugar-free strudel

Light apple strudel, the sugar-free strudel

This light apple strudel has a thin and very light dough based on oil and egg whites , further lightened by halving the normal doses of oil. The filling is sugar-free, with a mixture based on ripe banana (the taste thanks to the apples does not feel too much), pine nuts or walnuts, apples and spices, without raisins or sugar. The presence of the banana also allows us to save on breadcrumbs, which are more than double in the traditional strudel, and to have the same “firm” effect in the filling. One slice (equal to one eighth of the strudel) provides about 156 calories.

Light apple strudel, the recipe
for the base:
150 g flour + one to spread
a tablespoon of oil
40 g of egg white + a tablespoon of egg white separately +
3 tablespoons of warm water
for the filling:
cinnamon and clove powder
200 gr apple with peel (red or yellow)
20 gr breadcrumbs
30 gr of pine nuts or walnuts
half a teaspoon of truvia
120 gr very ripe banana

How to prepare the apple strudel light:
in a bowl pour the flour with a pinch of salt, make a hole in the center and add 3 tablespoons of water, one of oil and 40 g of egg white. Knead until you get a smooth and elastic ball. Let it rest for 10 minutes in a warm place covered with plastic wrap.
Roll it out with a rolling pin until you get a thin rectangle, making a thin sheet of about 2-3 mm.
Pour over a level spoonful of breadcrumbs.
Aside, coarsely blend walnuts, spices, stevia and apple. Add the chopped banana and blend briefly. Spread the mixture in spoonfuls in the center of the rectangle for the longest part, leaving 6 cm of margin on the sides. After that, fold the left and right sides inward, and then do the same thing with the top and bottom sides. Take the strudel and close it in a wallet, placing one half on top of the other for the longer side. Close the edges tightly at the top and transfer the light strudel to a baking tray with parchment paper. Brush with a level spoon of egg white, prick the surface with the rembi of a fork and bake in a preheated oven at 175 ° for about 35 minutes.
To eat for breakfast, with a package of low-fat Greek yogurt sweetened with stevia.

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