Lean belly with John Chatham’s Belly Fat Diet

Lean belly with John Chatham’s Belly Fat Diet

Getting a lean belly by eating more, limiting carbohydrates and indulging in one dessert plus one free plate a week: that’s what John Chatham’s Belly Fat Diet promises, physician physiologist and nutritionist and author of numerous diet and fitness books.

In his food plan, low in carbohydrates and rich in vegetables, fruit and lean proteins, only the permitted foods can be eaten, while those prohibited must be reduced to one dessert per week and a free plate (therefore not a meal with first course, main course and sweet but a first course, a single dish or a pizza) per week. The first week you lose even two kilos, later you lose weight more slowly, with an average of half a kilo, one kilo a week.

Let’s see how to follow the Belly Fat Diet to have a lean belly and limit nervous hunger.


The rules .

  • You don’t count calories, but eat your fill (without bursting).
  • You eat many meals throughout the day, reducing the volume of each meal but eating every two hours.
  • You need to sleep at least 7 or 7.5 hours a night.
  • Drink water, herbal tea or sugar-free tea between meals, avoiding drinking too much during meals.
  • Daily supplementation of vitamin C (1000 mg), omega3 (1000 mg) and complex of B vitamins is recommended in the morning (ask your doctor for the most appropriate dose).
  • You only eat two servings of carbohydrates a day. The portions are: a 25 g slice of toasted bread, 40 g of cereals such as pasta, rice, barley, oats, quinoa (raw weight), 150 g of potatoes or sweet potatoes (raw weight).
  • It is preferable to eat carbohydrates close to physical activity.
  • Moderate physical activity should be added to the diet as described in the plan.


    Chicken, turkey, lean and fat-free veal (only once a week), fish, molluscs, crustaceans, skimmed milk, natural skimmed Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, light ricotta and light mozzarella (maximum 80 g), olive oil for seasoning, fruits and vegetables, nuts, avocados, almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, 5 grams of dark chocolate per day, sweet potatoes, wholemeal bread, regular potatoes, brown rice, oats, barley and quinoa, egg whites or one egg per day .
    Except for snacks based on vegetables, fruit or skimmed Greek yogurt, other meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be balanced between protein and carbohydrates. Spices, herbs, vinegar and lemon juice are ok. Stevia for sweetening.

    On page two we see the food plan for the diet for the lean belly or Flat Belly Diet.

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