Keto diet weekly menu for beginners summer version

Keto diet weekly menu for beginners summer version

The ketogenic diet is confirmed as one of the most sought-after diets even in summer: you lose weight immediately, and if you are good in the maintenance phase you can absolutely maintain the results. As always, I recommend following a ketogenic diet for no more than 4-6 consecutive weeks and never for a single week. This step is critical and is the problem for many beginners.

This summer keto beginner diet is fresh and light, and allows you to consume a maximum of 50 grams of net carbs per day, typically less. We lose 2 kilos a week and we can keep it going for up to 6 weeks. In general, in these 6 weeks we lose around 10-12 kilos, in 4 weeks we lose 7.

If you want to repeat the diet it is necessary to do the maintenance first , continue for two months, and only then repeat the diet.

The author of the keto diet for beginners is cook and influencer Suzanne Ryan , author of the book Simply Keto, who on the keto diet lost 50 pounds and shared all her recipes, menus and a wide selection of choices for summer and a slimming program in collaboration with nutritionists.

In addition, there are choices for those on vacation and who don’t want to go too far or for those who eat out.
Now let’s see the summer version of the keto diet menu for beginners.

The menu is designed for a sedentary woman. We walk for 30-40 minutes a day.
For a man add two snacks based on 6 almonds + a hard-boiled egg or 30 grams of cheese matured during the day. And add an extra teaspoon of oil to a meal, lunch and dinner.


How does it work?
A. Choose an alternative for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
B. Don’t snack. At most 2-3 almonds.
C. Follow the maintenance plan after 4 or 6 weeks on the diet.

Before starting the keto diet, I recommend three things that I believe are fundamental.

  1. First, three days before starting the diet, limit carbohydrates to fruit and vegetables only.

    Then remove bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cookies and sweets from the pantry. Eliminate sugar, honey, and any sugary drinks.

  2. The second very important thing is to take a mineral salt supplement.

    Don’t take any other supplements besides this one! Don’t drink things that aren’t in the plan.
    This will prevent you from low energy and constipation. It must not contain sugar, maltodextrin or other forms of carbohydrates.
    In this regard, I recommend this product, sweetened with stevia and with natural flavors. Meetab – My Minerals – Supplement of essential mineral salts.

  3. The third thing is to use coconut oil or MCT oil for your toppings.

    Medium-chain fats are naturally ketogenic. They also promote good digestion and intestinal regularity, and keep metabolism high.
    You can buy coconut oil at any organic store, and MCT oil here: MCT Oil, 100% Pure .

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