Kate Middleton’s post pregnancy diet

Kate Middleton’s post pregnancy diet

Kate Middleton , the current Princess of England, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, recently had her third child. Yet, despite the three pregnancies, she is always in great shape, so much so that she is named “size 6” or a 34. Yes, ok, maybe she is too thin, but in part she is by constitution, in part not , as we’ll see.

Middleton has always been thin and also loves being active: the princess is known to be a sporty person.

But, that doesn’t mean Middleton doesn’t care about nutrition. On the contrary. Spurred on by her mother Carole, it is thanks to her dietary rigor that she is able to quickly get rid of the pounds of pregnancy.
However, this does not mean that she did well. Middleton is a fan of Dukan-style high-protein diets.

Lately, however, it has changed direction. Goodbye low-carb diets: these have allowed her to stay slim as a girl, but they have also given her problems of emotional and nervous hunger.

In short, here is the other side of what often seems like a miraculous regimen: which has heavy aftermath, even for women who have never normally had weight problems.

The last diet after Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was in fact developed by New Zealand coach Kelly Rennie , who wrote a book on this subject, having suffered from a significant overweight after the two pregnancies. Rennie in fact tells in her latest book about her, “Busy mum syndrome” (the busy mom syndrome), of having gained 20 kilos with two pregnancies, and of having suffered from post-partum depression.

Kate Middleton’s post pregnancy diet recipe is simple , and it’s the same one her coach used to get back in shape, losing excess weight in 18 months.
Healthy diet, some gluttony granted in the form of snacks, daily movement.
Here is an example of Kate Middleton’s post pregnancy diet. That she is no longer a Dukan.


Breakfast: smoothie with a glass of unsweetened skimmed or almond milk with a scoop of protein powder (alternatively: 150g of skimmed Greek yogurt) + half a ripe banana, a handful of red fruits or goji berries, a piece of avocado (50 g).
 30 grams of oat flakes cooked in 200 ml of unsweetened skimmed or vegetable milk with stevia, cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of red fruits + 150 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt and 5/6 almonds.
A cup of unsweetened green tea.
After breakfast, half an hour of physical activity.
Snack: raw carrots
Lunch:roast chicken or roast turkey or a portion of baked fish with mixed vegetables. A cup of unsweetened green tea with lemon juice.
In the afternoon: one hour of walking.
Snack: a piece of dark chocolate and a cup of unsweetened green tea.
Dinner: A legume or chicken and vegetable curry with half a cup of cooked basmati rice, or alternatively the same thing as lunch.
Snack: a glass of wine (small) or a piece of dark chocolate.
One day off a week is granted by his coach, as well as some minor snags every now and then.
Coffee is excluded in favor of green tea. Drink water throughout the day. Reduce sources of stress.
Middleton then follows a raw diet one day a week: shrimp or sashimi plus raw fruit and vegetables.

Dcomedieta’s verdict: I don’t like it, especially if the mother is breastfeeding. On Kate’s pregnancy diet I give 5 as a grade.

We can only follow a similar pattern if we add a small piece of aged cheese for lunch or dinner, and add at least one more fruit to the diet, giving ourselves one day off per week in which we eat more carbohydrates from whole sources if we really need to lose many kilos. . As with all weight loss programs, talking to a doctor is the best choice. Especially if we come out of a pregnancy.

In addition, variety matters: instead of the ubiquitous chicken, try an omelette of two small eggs, 80 grams of fermented tofu, fish such as natural tuna, hake, cod, or clams, shrimp, squid or octopus. Instead of half a cup of basmati rice for dinner we can vary with 50 g of pasta al dente, 100 g of gnocchi, 150 g of potatoes or 60 g of wholemeal or toasted white bread. The raw day is definitely to be avoided as long as you are breastfeeding.
As well as alcohol.
In this way we will not be as strict as Kate, but at least we avoid massacring our metabolism and safeguarding healthy breastfeeding.

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