Kalibra diet or former SDM diet: Laura Pausini’s diet

Kalibra diet or former SDM diet: Laura Pausini’s diet

NB: the Sdm diet I am referring to in this article is now called the Kalibra diet . The substance, however, does not change. Here’s what I think.


I don’t know what a “Medical Diet Company” really means, but as a name for a company it seems unclear to me .
On the one hand, we have a company, which is a company, so they are selling us something.

On the other hand, these two words, dietetics and medical , should reassure the consumer (indeed, the customer) that what the company sells is healthy, because real doctors work there. So in short, it is good.
And here is the SDM diet or Kalibra diet , or the protein diet promoted by this Medical Diet Society, which, like other companies that claim to sell us healthy weight loss diets, advertises a weight loss method. This diet is also famous because it would have been Laura Pausini’s diet ( for Laura Pausini fans: Pausini only hinted at her diet in an interview and then dissociated herself from the speculative use of her name).

But reading how it works, you understand that it uses prepackaged products and supplements.
Or, as those of the SDM diet say, “It happens thanks to the use of Kalibra® protein foods and vitamin and mineral micronutritional supplements. “(I quote from their site). To be clear, they are saying that they give you food in sachets or supplements or “nutraceutical” foods, or foods with particular dietary characteristics.

The package is varied and includes first courses, protein bars, main courses, snacks and desserts for all phases of the diet. To make the dishes protein, they use soy and gluten flour for the first courses, soy and milk proteins and thickeners for the second courses, which are added to the ingredients mentioned. So, for example, in the chicken salad there is not only chicken and salad. But we have egg white, milk protein, soy, fiber. I hope I get the idea.

But what are the characteristics of the Kalibra or former SDM diet?

  1. This is a phased ketogenic diet. The first few pounds that you will lose so easily are mostly liquid. As with other ketogenic diets, there’s always the big basic misconception: lipolysis and body fat loss aren’t the same. The ketogenic diet is based on lipolysis, but does not affect your body’s “fat reserves”.
    They write on the site that only fat mass is lost . Well… no. Personally I don’t think it is a reliable sentence.
    It is the calorie deficit that makes you lose weight. I remind you that no more weight is lost with the ketogenic diet than with a balanced diet. And you can’t just lose body fat.
    In this program we have a first keto phase, a second low carb or transition phase, a third maintenance phase.
    You obviously have to buy their products.
  2. It is inspired by the Blackburn protocol. Dr. Blackburn’s is a drastic protocol that involves the reduction of both fat and protein from the diet. Let’s say that Dukan was also inspired by Blackburn for his diet. But at this point do the Blackburn directly by talking to your doctor: you can find it here. 
  3. They have a specialized doctor who follows you.
    I never trust doctors who recommend a paid diet plan, and if you read this forum , a lady says she got her advice from her dentist. Because everyone knows that dentists recommend diets. Then she is advised to continue with a second doctor (always SDM / Kalibra) where a first doctor (not SDM) advised her to let it go. My suspicion is that these affiliated doctors are paid by the company. The doctor advises her to continue with the protein diet despite the patient reporting an increase in uric acid in the blood, which is still harmful to health. Besides, what can a Kalibra affiliate doctor tell you other than that the diet is good?
  4. It is a diet based on pre-packaged and prepared foods: all are SDM / Kalibra foods, with the possibility of a free meal, depending on the chosen plan. From jam to rusks to pasta to dinner proposals, you have to buy almost everything from them, in the end, for an average cost of 400 euros per month or around 15 euros per day.
  5. It was Laura Pausini’s diet, who would have lost sixteen kilos in a year.
    Wait: sixteen kilos in a year? It’s not even a kilo and a half a month! A normal low-calorie but balanced, cheap and healthy diet would cause you to lose an average of 3-4 kilos per month. With Kalibra initially you can lose 4 or 5 per month, but beware that this only concerns the first slimming phase, not the average of the whole path.

In short, my opinion is this: a good dietician would cost you much less than the Kalibra diet or SDM diet and would make you lose more weight, saving money and perhaps learning to eat properly for a lifetime.

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