Joint health

Joint health

Joints are only thought of when they start to hurt, in reality the prevention and maintenance of good health of knees, ankles and elbows is an important factor for the well-being of the body: this is what you need to be careful of.Joint health

How are your joints ? Those who do a lot of sport or practice it assiduously and constantly realize this: knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, shoulders, hands must do their job well and function at their best to offer good performance and allow the body to train and move in a harmonious and free way.

But for those who do not practice physical activity or, worse, lead a sedentary life , it is not easy to understand how joints and joints are; in fact, often a non-pain or a non-use does not necessarily mean that everything is fine: for preventive purposes, it is always good to follow good advice and pay attention to various factors, let’s see which ones.

Nutrition for healthy joints

Various studies and research have shown that nutrition is important for maintaining good joint health , so diet plays a major role.

First of all, the advice that should not be underestimated is to keep body weight under strict control: overweight and obesity are in fact the first cause of joint discomfort and can trigger various pathologies.

Furthermore, among the basic substances that should never be deficient in the body there are sulfur, silicon and magnesium : the first element seems to be effective in the fight against osteoarthritis , inflammation and pain affecting the joints; sulfur is found in foods such as fish, cow’s milk, meat, fruit and vegetables; silicon is found in lettuce, dandelion, chicory, onion, celery, pumpkin, figs and cherries; Magnesium , equally useful, is found in foods such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, legumes, bananas, brown rice, almonds, sunflower seeds and dried figs.

Another important check to do is that of the correct balance of fats: omega 6 and omega 3 should always be in balance, which is not always easy to maintain due to the increased consumption of industrial foods in the population and the consumption of vegetable oils. which lead to an excess of omega 6, involved in inflammatory processes.

The advice in this case is to take processed and industrial foods in great moderation , such as snacks, biscuits and refined products that contain industrial margarines and hydrogenated fats.

Instead, fresh foods must be implemented , such as seasonal fruit and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables), extra virgin olive oil (perfect ally, because it is capable of inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the inflammatory process), favoring blue fish and, for those who are vegetarians , plant foods rich in omega 3, such as flax seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, wheat germ .

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Supplements and natural remedies

On the market there are also adjuvants, or supplements based on various substances that help and favor the improvement of the joint situation .

The latest discoveries are eggshell membrane-based supplements , which would contain substances capable of ensuring the correct functioning of the cartilages, as well as supplements based on organic silicon , a vital element contained in various rocks, also present in our body and which however it drastically decreases over the years.

These supplements appear useful for those who have, for various reasons and pathologies, weakened joints, for the elderly, for those suffering from arthrosis , osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, but also tendinitis and pains related to sports; before taking them it is always good to follow the advice of a doctor.

Among the recommended natural remedies there are products such as corydalis , which is a plant belonging to the poppy family, known for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, which contains a substance that calms inflammatory pains; ginger , cayenne pepper, and turmeric are also known natural pain relievers.

If, on the other hand, you indulge in a bath every now and then, don’t forget to use Epsom salts, salts that contain magnesium sulfate, a substance useful as a pain reliever.


Physical exercise, if done regularly and without excess, is an important factor in improving the muscular situation and strengthening the resistance and flexibility of the joints , without wearing them down.

Relying on a good physiotherapist to support you in this path can be effective, both to create a personalized exercise program, and to perform massages , often with the use of hot-cold tools, as appropriate, for therapeutic purposes. .

Walking, stretching, yoga, exercises and gentle training in the water can all be valid allies for those with joint problems.

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