Joaquin Phoenix diet for Joker or eating disorder?

Joaquin Phoenix diet for Joker or eating disorder?

After the release in theaters of the highly anticipated movie Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the villain number one in Batman, controversy broke out following his weight loss, but above all following what the famous actor said about his diet.
Joaquin Phoenix, already vegan, had to lose about 23 kilos to play the role of Joker in the film.

The film is about the birth of the Joker as a failed comedian with severe psychiatric disorders who succeeds after slaughtering people and starting a riot.

Anyone who has seen the film knows that Phoenix’s thinness is often emphasized in partial nudity scenes.

The actor accepted the role less than a year before the film was made, and he had to lose all that weight within a couple of months. In fact, he signed the contract at the end of July 2018 and the shooting of the film took place in September.
He says he has been under medical supervision, with the aim of dropping from 300 grams to half a kilo per day.


His diet consisted of an apple a day, green beans boiled with lemon juice and lettuce.
“It’s not true that I only ate one apple a day. I could also eat green beans and salads, ”she said.
You will understand.
In the movie Joker, Phoenix is ​​in fact emaciated, lean, with a large loss of muscle mass.
But it was not so much the diet that created controversy, as what the actor revealed about his weight loss.


In fact, the actor speaks of his diet as an eating disorder, and not as a drastic and dangerous measure made for the sake of art, something already questionable but very popular in Hollywood for decades. He described diet, hunger, food control, and obsessive weight control on the scales in almost positive terms, saying that all this has allowed him to have greater self-control, a sense of power for weight loss but also a strong sense of alienation and frustration, as well as constant hunger. He would get furious if the scales didn’t go down. He ended up, he says, for not even having the strength to climb stairs during filming and for isolating himself from friends, but he didn’t talk about it as a bad thing. Terms that according to experts are those of someone with an eating disorder.

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