Jane Austen’s diet

Jane Austen’s diet

Well yes, I’m talking about that Jane Austen, the author of timeless books like “Pride and Prejudice”.

But why was Austen on a diet? Not exactly.

On the contrary, writer Bryan Kozlowski, biographer, wrote a book with this title, and tried to live like Jane Austen, and eat like her and the characters in her books, for months.
The result? She has lost weight and her health has improved significantly.

Here we preview some of Bryan’s advice from his book, Jane Austen’s Diet .


  1. Movement and nature .
    Jane Austen took a walk in the fresh air just before breakfast. Movement in the open air, made up of walks, especially uphill, was not only something she did often, but one that is often found in her novels. When they are not dancing, the characters in Jane Austen’s books walk a lot, alone or in company. Austen walked in the fresh air first thing in the morning. Then for breakfast he would indulge in a cup of tea and a slice of toast. One of her passions was raisin bread. In general, walking she was able to do between 4 and 7 miles a day, or between 6 and 12 km.
  2. Snack sparingly.
    Austen did not eat between meals. She only drank tea.
  3. Lunches and dinners with natural food, in good company.
    Roasts or stews with vegetables and potatoes were generally what Austen ate, in keeping with her diet in her day. A glass of wine was allowed once a day. So meat, fish, eggs, tubers, seasonings and sauces with butter and milk, and a little sourdough bread instead of potatoes.
  4. A vegetable soup before starting the meal.
    To moderate at the table, there was nothing better than starting with vegetables, often in the form of soup. The soups were typically made of cooked vegetables with a meat broth base.
  5. Simple, fruit-based desserts.
    Baked apples, pears in wine and fruit jellies were the desserts, which were eaten at the end of the meal, in very moderate quantities.

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