Irritable colon, homeopathic natural remedies

Irritable colon, homeopathic natural remedies

Irritable bowel is a rather frequent functional disorder accompanied by abdominal pain , and associated with anxiety and emotional tension . Let’s discover the homeopathic remedies to prevent and cure it.

Irritable colon


Causes and symptoms of irritable bowel

It is a disorder that we have already talked about with regard to the generic term of colitis , specifying that it is a very frequent, but mostly functional condition, which does not cause particular lesions of the intestinal walls, and therefore generally presents a benign course and prognosis.

The most frequent symptom is cramping pain and / or a sense of tension, felt in the abdomen, even regardless of meals, precisely due to the fact that this disorder, more frequent in women and in young age, is very often associated with anxiety . and emotional tension . From the point of view of intestinal functions, the most evident aspect is their alternation, with a prevalence of episodes of diarrhea or constipation ; in particularly sensitive and emotional subjects, then, it is often associated with the picture of emotional diarrhea, which involves the occurrence of this first, or in conjunction with exams, competitions or circumstances that in any case determine an important involvement of the person.

Precisely due to the nature of the disturbance that is not only local, but often also psychic, it is evident that, although it is described as a syndrome that mainly affects the intestine, in reality it is the whole organism that is involved in it, as proof, if still there was a need, of its unitary and indivisible nature. However, traditional medicine tends to treat the two areas – psychic and physical – distinctly, as always, with approaches that use, for the internal organs, mostly antispasmodic or antidiarrheal, while for the emotionality of the person, mild anxiolytics, or recourse to psychotherapy.

Of course , lactic ferments, or probiotics , and some dietary precautions are useful, such as making the correct food combinations , the introduction or exclusion of dietary fibers, and the observation of those foods to which the patient most easily manifests intolerance. In this regard it must be said that just recently some partial forms of gluten intolerance would have been recognized as the basis of incomplete pictures of celiac disease, and indeed decidedly more similar, in their presentation, to the irritable colon, forms that benefit precisely from elimination, for some time, some gluten from the diet.

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Intestinal bacterial flora

Homeopathic remedies for irritable colon

The advantage of resorting to homeopathy , in this type of disorder, is precisely what it is able to treat, both in acute and chronic, the patient respecting his natural and indivisible unity, which will allow us to carry out a therapy that is always causal or etiological , which will see the use of different remedies depending on the circumstances triggering the disorders or distinctive, anatomical and functional, as well as environmental, peculiarities of patients all affected by the same syndrome.

To get an idea of ​​the investigative finesse of homeopathy, we briefly mention some of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies in these cases : mood, in positive, even for simple reasons of distraction.

Together with Argentum nitricum , Ignatia is undoubtedly one of the most used remedies in those forms of emotional diarrhea, of which we have previously spoken: this type of diarrhea, however, in Argentum often occurs before tests and examinations , while Ignatia presents it for mostly because of her hypersensitivity, which leads her to worry even about situations of sociality alone.

Another remedy that somatizes a lot, on a physical level, anxieties and fears, but in these circumstances also presents a state of confusion and disorientation, is Gelsemium , whose physical symptom par excellence is tremor, often felt also as a simple internal sensation.

Nux vomica is the great remedy for all patients who eat and drink in excessive quantities , are sedentary, use stimulants and / or are subjected to severe occupational stress: in them the intestine reacts with spasms and pains, trying to free itself from everything that intoxicates them through continuous changes in intestinal functions.

Finally we mention a few other remedies, just to highlight how homeopathy differentiates patients suffering from the same disorder: China regia presents defecations after all meals, Colocynthis after attacks of anger or indignation, Carbo vegetabilis is useful in patients with intense meteorism triggered by every little food intake.

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