Intestinal diet or elimination diet: how long to do it?

Intestinal diet or elimination diet: how long to do it?

Today we know that one of the keys to weight loss is to improve our bacterial flora.
And thus reduce an intestinal inflammatory state that gives us symptoms such as constipation, swelling, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, difficulty in digesting.

While there are many protocols out there, all of these gut diet protocols have one thing in common.
That is, they are elimination diets. That is, they are diets that involve the elimination of certain foods, for example those containing gluten, lactose and / or casein, some types of vegetables and legumes, etc.

An example of an intestinal diet can be the Fodmap diet , the Gaps diet , the Specific Carbohydrates diet , the Plant Paradox diet , but also some types of low carb diets and protocols such as the dissociated diet.

But how long do these diets do?

Forever? And what risk do we run if we carry on an intestinal diet like these for years?


All so-called intestinal diets have many advantages, because they reduce an inflammatory state. However, this does not mean that we must eat like this forever.

  • The most serious diets, such as Fodmap, have a phase in which food is gradually reintroduced , and only those that trigger the inflammatory state are avoided.
  • An elimination diet should be continued for a long time only when it is not possible to consume certain foods . This happens in case of allergies (to caseins, peanuts, etc.) or in case of celiac disease, or gluten intolerance. Lactose intolerance is reversible or treatable through a probiotic cure.
    But if I am celiac, I will have to eliminate gluten forever.
  • In all other cases, elimination must be momentary and planned with the help of a doctor .
    Sometimes foods will be inserted in rotation, in minimal quantities, sometimes foods will be re-inserted that were not responsible for the inflammation but which had been limited as a precaution.
  • But the final goal is always to return to as broad a diet as possible.
    Let’s see what happens if we continue to eat like this.

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