We had the opportunity to speak with the creators of the Impulse Neuro-Controller, a device capable of speeding up in-game reactions.

Among the meanders of Kickstarter , a project full of ambitions has recently been born, designed by gamers for the gaming world . This is the Impulse Neuro-Controller , an interesting article that can really revolutionize the way in which different players live their experiences on a daily basis. A sort of glove, which once worn allows you to speed up your actions with the mouse . Through a series of sensors and software designed to make the system versatile, the Impulse Neuro-Controller is able to understand when the player intends to provide input to the PC through the mouse, and its purpose is to worry about doing it for you. of him.

Thanks to this technology it is therefore possible to use the mouse normally with significantly reduced response times, “pressing” the keys without actually being pressed, which arrives instantly from the software side . We recently had the opportunity to have a chat with the developers about the Impulse Neuro-Controller, in order to ask some questions about it and see how it behaves in-game. So let’s find out all the details together.

Impulse Neuro-ControllerInto the future with the Impulse Neuro-Controller

As clarified by the manufacturers themselves, the device was not created to replace mice , but to accompany them and make them more efficient. They themselves compare their invention to NVIDIA Reflex , a technology included in some titles designed to reduce input lag, which in the case of the Impulse is treated through the hardware and not with the software. Our body in fact “creates” input lag that we do not notice, just think that to make a simple click it is necessary to provide input to our hand, wait for it to arrive and the mouse button to be pressed with sufficient force. We can say that the purpose of this controller is to speed up the last two processes, creating an almost direct contact between the brain and your gaming machine..

The four sensors placed on the device adapt to each user, even if for the moment it seems that different versions of the device are in production, to be chosen according to the size of your hand. Through very short learning sessions with the proprietary software (really, a few minutes), it is possible to let the controller learn which inputs are supplied to our hands , so that it can reproduce them. To complete the basic settings it is sufficient to simulate several clicks in different points of the screen, which are indicated for the occasion, as well as choose a possible shortcut that disables the functions of the device when pressed. In some games you may in fact prefer to use the traditional method, or maybe only in certain specific moments, for this reasonthe developers thought of providing an easy way to manually disable the process . The software also takes care to communicate the number of milliseconds saved click by click, so as to show its effectiveness with an easy interface.

Questions to developers

We asked some questions about the developers regarding the compatibility of the device, discovering that this first version is currently designed only for Windows PCs, but that in the future the goal is to expand the target to other PC systems and the console world as well . We also took care to understand the reasons behind the connection, which takes place via USB direct to the PC. The reasons lie mainly in the costs, which would have increased exponentially for an almost instantaneous wireless system, as well as in the difficulty of creating such a connection that would not generate input lag in the transmission, thus nullifying the sense of the Impulse Neuro-Controller.Impulse Neuro-Controller

The developers then confirmed that the device can be used on both the left and right hand , although the tests have for now been mainly dedicated to the latter. By asking them how important the type of mouse you use was, we discovered that in reality the presence of a gaming mouse is almost taken for granted, given that it is a product currently designed for PC players who aim for the competitive. As confirmed then, a precise sensor can really make a difference . Finally, we got to watch live tests of the device on Halo: The Master Chief Collection , seeing for ourselves its truly impressive effectiveness.

What to say then, a truly sensational product that has already had considerable success on Kickstarter. In case you would like to take a look to find out more details on the Impulse Neuro-Controller, or support the project yourself, we invite you to consult the campaign through the following link .

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