Today we present our review of the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth headphones, perfect for all platforms. Here is the review.

Pointing this time to the world of multiplatforms, and not just to PC gaming, the well-known company Corsair has recently produced a really interesting product, certainly not available at a budget price , but able to boast an exciting value for money . We are talking about the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth headphones, yes, designed for the gaming world – as is the tradition of the brand – but able to offer surprising versatility, adapting to all platforms and providing excellent results in any field you want to use them.

Whether we’re talking about a PC, where to be honest they are able to give their maximum potential, or PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 , Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S , but even the mobile world , anyone who delights in using various platforms on a daily basis will surely find an excellent product for your needs. We have had the opportunity to test these headphones for some time, noting all their functions and trying them in different areas. We are therefore ready today to talk to you about the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth, a versatile but quality headset in all its aspects .

Corsair HS70

Solid and aggressive

Presenting themselves with the classic Corsair packaging, these headphones arrive in a yellow box, which immediately shows the aggressiveness of the applied design. It is a product designed for gaming, what could we have expected on the other hand? Inside this there is a Type C cable for charging , a jack cable , the microphone (which is therefore easily detachable) and an anti-pop for the latter. The headset is quite large and from the first contact it releases quality in every material used. The tints are mostly black, but some yellow finishing pops up as soon as you use the rail to adjust them. This first of all is very solid and resistant, certainly able to withstand numerous falls, but does not put comfort aside for this .

The weight of the product is just over 350 grams, not a little then, but it was well balanced and luckily accompanied by an amazing quality during the hours of play. The material reminiscent of leather has been applied both for the comfortable, soft, but unfortunately not removable, pavilions, and for the thickness that separates the head from the track, designed not to make the weight of the product feel at all. Their flexibility allows you not to feel discomfort even for those who use glasses.

The novelty of the product, however, does not lie only in the construction quality, certainly not revolutionary and never seen before, but in the versatility of approach of this Bluetooth device . The Corsair HS70 can in fact be used at the same time on two platforms , transmitting audio both in and out in both cases. The headset then manages to adapt to all uses, whether you decide to listen to music, communicate with your companions or engage in competitive gaming sessions, which as already mentioned are rather better on PC. Use of Corsair’s iCUE softwarein fact, it allows you to easily adjust every detail, making them more suitable for operations on this platform. This does not mean that other users will be disappointed, especially when within a few seconds they can change the destination of the device.

Corsair HS70

From music to competitive with the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth

Those who play primarily on PC might actually find more suitable articles for this purpose perhaps, but we’re surprised to say that the audio quality holds its own against the competition without too much trouble . Except for a few particularly attentive ears, it will be difficult to consider the versatility of the headphones as a flaw, since thanks to the isolation and the quality of the audio they are able to satisfy every need. You will be able to play, enjoy audiovisual products and listen to music while always remaining satisfied, it is clear that it is impossible to offer the best in each of the aforementioned areas, but Corsair has managed to find the right middle ground for its new gem. Honorable mention for the microphone, surprisingly of quality and perfect for communication, clearly not the best you can find out there, but undoubtedly perfect for gamers.

The headphones have a duration that is just under 30 hours , the figure is lowered according to the intensity of the volume, but you will hardly be able to download them in a few game sessions, and thanks to Type C it will not take long to recharge them. A surprising number, which prevents a sudden shutdown while watching a movie or immersed in an important gaming session. It is then possible to use them both on a PC and on a telephone with the jack cable – as well as with the USB one – in case you have forgotten to charge them in time, and in the meantime you will also have the opportunity to see a more plug and play impact . immediate, however guaranteed by the amazing bluetooth speed. Thanks to the keys located under the pavilions it is possible to easily adjust the volume (that of the headphones, not of the system you are using, a really interesting gem), as well as change the microphone and turn off the device in a moment.

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