I can’t lose weight on my thighs – here’s what you can do

I can’t lose weight on my thighs – here’s what you can do

Some time ago I wrote a generic article about the fact that there are stalls in crazy diets sometimes and that we make even worse mistakes that lead to not losing weight, because we don’t even notice.

In short, there are certainly a number of reasons why we do not lose weight, even more evident if it is a particular point of our body.

I can’t lose weight on my thighs , that’s what they often say, and even more often we can’t even understand why and we make even more obvious mistakes.

Let’s see why it happens.

Legs problem

Many times we happen to have an obvious problem with a part of our body and then not be able to fully understand what mistakes we make, precisely, and why we do not lose weight in the belly or butt or thighs.

Assuming that it may also be that we are talking about a genetic problem, a family predisposition, and we can do little or nothing about this, now I give you a list of advice on common mistakes that we do not know we do.

  • It’s not like starting to do some gymnastics right after the first workout we find ourselves having supermodel legs. You need to be consistent and after a couple of months of 3 workouts a week we can understand that something is changing.
  • Do not eat the wrong things, do not forget, in fact, to prepare a mainly protein diet to nourish the muscles and improve the shape of the legs
  • Never think about giving up cardio, on the contrary, always work with an exercise bike at home or go up and down the stairs, in order not to remain static at home on the sofa
  • Don’t do the wrong exercises and don’t focus on just some of the leg muscles but not all of them. The work must be done consistently, with constant lunges and squats, done on purpose to work well on the whole leg.

Do not be convinced by circumstances that you will never succeed because this is indeed the greatest of defeats and it is also completely false. The only real weapon at your disposal is surely willpower, here we are talking about the supreme strength, the only thing we need to be aware of.


I can’t lose weight on my thighs, how many times have we heard it said, how many times have we found ourselves having to play with ourselves in order not to win over our fears but rather to fight with all the willpower to reach the ‘target.

There are no impossible points to lose weight, there are wrong diets and wrong exercises, there are difficult days and days when working well we would be able to have better results.

So we do not brutalize ourselves thinking about not losing weight but we continue to work well to achieve the best possible results.

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