Hypnodiet, virtual gastric surgery

Hypnodiet, virtual gastric surgery

I’ll be back to talk about hypnosis to lose weight , and in particular about a method known as “hypnodiet”, which abroad is enjoying a new wave of interest and success thanks to an app, “Two weeks to wow – Virtual Gastric Band” which in English can be downloaded here on iTunes.  It would have been thanks to this app that this 31-year-old woman you saw in the article preview photo, Victoria Saldana, he would lose about 45 pounds and fight depression. Without a specific diet plan, but only by listening to the audio made available by the app at night and obtaining a “virtual gastric band” effect, or rather like having had a “virtual” bariatric surgery, ie hypnotic and mental, but with the same effects on the body (i.e. eating less and thus losing weight).

But does hypnosis work for weight loss? The famous hypnodiet  would be a successful strategy for all those people who have an anxious relationship with food and suffer from nervous hunger: therefore they owe their extra pounds not so much to the fact that they love to eat, but to the fact that they use food as a refuge. for their daily problems, with the result of eating a lot without noticing. In this case, hypnosis can help restore a more correct relationship with food and reduce nervous hunger.

One of the most famous (young) American hypnotists, Benjamin Bonetti , explains in this article the reasons why hypnosis for weight loss does not work for everyone, but only for those who need motivational support, and in particular to reduce nervous hunger. . A study long ago reiterated that hypnosis works for those who release stress with food. 
For those who want to try, here are the resources in Italian at the moment: here , Dr. Matteo Sinatti, provides customized CDs based on the needs of those who want to try to manage emotions without resorting to food.
For those looking for a book, those of Paul Mc Kenna are famous, who among other things recently wrote a book on the Virtual Gastric Band. His book is available in Italian, with CD, I can make you lose weight. 
Otherwise, the book “I ate enough” by Gior

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