Do you have a food intolerance? Your skin can reveal it to you

Do you have a food intolerance? Your skin can reveal it to you

What is a food intolerance, and how is it different from a food allergy? We can be intolerant to foods, which cause us side effects that are not equivalent to a real allergic reaction: we can however have annoying symptoms, such as bloating, digestive problems and even skin problems.
The skin of the cheeks, in particular, it can reveal to us if we suffer from some food intolerance: if we do not have smooth and compact skin in this area, but we have pimples, flaking, skin problems that are too dry or too oily even in the so-called “t-zone” ( nose, forehead, cheek area near the nasal septum) and we have tried creams and lotions without efficacy, and if above all in addition to these problems we often have belly swelling and weight loss and digestion difficulties, perhaps our problem is food, such as explains Dr. Jack Davis, a dermatologist.
In this case, it may be useful to reduce the foods that can trigger food intoleranceseven in non-allergic subjects: Dr. Davis gives some advice on this, for example reducing foods that cause inflammation.

1. Reduce the consumption of gluten, by varying the diet with gluten-free cereals and brown rice varieties, and by reducing the consumption of baked goods such as taralli, crackers, bread, especially if industrial and artificially leavened.
2. Introduce alternatives to cow’s milk, varying the diet with cheeses and dairy products with a reduced lactose content such as goat’s, or introducing delactosed dairy products, or even products of vegetable origin such as soy, rice, coconut yoghurt.
3. Avoid excess sugar by eliminating products that contain too much fructose, such as yogurt and fruit snacks, fruit juices, biscuits and other industrial sweets, but also limiting honey and high fructose fruits (in this article I will list the low fructose ones). There is no need to completely eliminate these foods , this is not an article that wants to push self-diagnosis: but varying the diet by reducing these foods in favor of a wider spectrum of foods can also give us benefits in terms of metabolism and slimming. My advice is therefore to try reducing them in favor of different foods for two to three weeks: if the swelling goes down, we feel more active and energetic, and the skin on the cheeks and forehead looks improved, then we are in the right direction (and in this case some medical assessment may be indicated). For further information: Diet against eczema and skin problems The diet of intolerances by JJ Virgin 

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