Hunger nervousness or hunger rage: what is it due to?

Hunger nervousness or hunger rage: what is it due to?

Many people become irritable, angry, or aggressive when they happen to wait to eat, are hungry and not ready to eat yet, or if they are late eating for whatever reason. The hunger nervousness and hunger rage sometimes reaches very high levels, almost unmanageable, so those who feel it can even start screaming or arguing for no real reason.
The reason this happens is not due to hunger itself. Contrary to what one believes.

According to what researchers from the University of Guelph , Canada explain, hunger nervousness or hunger rage is instead due to a drop in blood glucose.

This has an effect on mood, and leads to being irritable and even aggressive. Irritability and nervousness are the result of an increasing stress response, whereby the body, in the absence of glucose, thinks it is in danger, and the nervous system is alert.


Scientists have in fact pushed a group of mice to choose some room to be locked up, after having previously had the injection of a drug with a strong hypoglycemic effect in the first and a water bite in the second. Most of the mice have made their way to the second room. The reason is simple.

Animals feel the danger, and remember the stress and anxiety of hypoglycemia.

Also, hunger and anger signals involve the same brain areas.
When blood sugar levels drop, these signals are activated to prompt the body to forage for food as soon as possible. Sometimes, however, this leads to a difficult interpretation of the signals.

For example, it happens that those who get angry or nervous about something or someone feel hungry immediately afterwards. This is a classic example.

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