10 ideas for an afternoon snack in autumn and winter

10 ideas for an afternoon snack in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, the desire for sweets and chocolate increases for many. On the one hand, to combat the symptoms of seasonal depression , a condition that many experience in the first cold weather and with the reduction of sunlight.

On the other hand, because between Halloween and until Christmas, sweets become very present in homes and therefore we fall into temptation, while the winter fruit options do not meet everyone’s tastes. Finally, because compared to the summer you stay at home more.
This also makes it easier for you to gain weight in the colder months.

In this article we see 10 ideas for an afternoon snack in autumn and winter all below 100-150 calories per serving. Lots of delicious choices that will help us keep fit and satisfy our sweet tooth at the same time!


  • Light brownies, 74 calories each .
    These brownies are cocoa but nut and chocolate free. You can make the basic recipe with 74 calories per serving or add dark chocolate to the hazelnuts and reach 94 calories per sweet. Against the 180 calories of a traditional brownie. Click here for the light brownies recipe.
  • Cocoa and cinnamon truffles, 67 calories each.
    These truffles are rich in antioxidants and contain low glycemic index ingredients that make them healthy, with no added sugars. Click here for the light truffle recipe. 
  • Light cocoa muffins, 128 calories.
    Light cocoa muffins are very easy to make and have no eggs or butter. Click here for the cocoa muffin recipe.
  • Light pumpkin pie, 60 calories per slice.
    This pumpkin pie is in season, spicy, low-fat, and gluten-free. Ideal for those on a low calorie diet and wanting something different from the usual options. One slice replaces low-fat yogurt or fruit or two rusks in the morning. Click here for the recipe for the light pumpkin pie.

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