A recent HP conference officially showed all the company’s news regarding the PC sector.

HP is certainly one of the best global companies in the tech field, as it offers products with exclusive technologies and truly spectacular series on the market. We are talking, for example, of portable and stationary PCs, as well as monitors and additional equipment sometimes designed for work environments, while in other cases suitable for the world of PC gaming. The news for HP are constantly updated, and this is why the company has decided to present all the new products that will soon make their debut, enriching the company’s offer for 2020. Apart from the simple really interesting technological innovations, particular attention has been paid shrewdness in underlining the company’s interest in the field of eco-sustainability and safety. Without getting lost in chat, let’s see together what was officially shown.


The novelties start from the EliteBook line , designed specifically for business needs. These PCs are optimized for significant noise reduction, and to allow users’ voice a quality transmission, also guaranteed by an artificial intelligence capable of removing inappropriate noises. All this is accompanied by low-light technologies, with also an integrated rear light, together with a 5G connection already present. The machines are equipped with a camera with 88 degrees of vision , as well as an extremely quiet rubber keyboard. It goes without saying that computers offer somewhat optimal computing power, thanks in particular to the latest generation Ryzen and Intel processors equipped.

On the desktop side, HP instead offers us all-in-one monitors, which have the entire system inside them for use, despite an extremely thin surface. We are talking about the EliteDesk 800 series , the most powerful of which is HP EliteOne 800All-in-One G6 , which also earns the world record for this sector. Thanks to an RTX 2070 Super it also allows full use of VR, and also offers the reduction of blue lights, an anti-glare display and bevels on the corners useful for positioning the machine in the position you prefer. Also in this case we find a camera with 88 degrees of vision, perfect for using the features of the Zoom platform integrated into the system.

The ZBook Firefly 14 and 15 products are presented as the least bulky workstations in the world, reliable and easily movable. The devices integrate the very powerful NVIDIA Quadro P520 and Intel processors up to the tenth generation. It all comes with a well thought-out 4K display, along with various features for audio and noise reduction. Innovations also arrive on the monitor front, through the E-Series , certified with TUV Low Blue Light Hardware Solution , new portable panels and the HP U27 4K Wireless Monitor , a fully wireless 4K resolution screen.

In short, HP is ready to debut with these and other sensational technologies, which will be gradually deepened by the company in detail. Stay tuned on our pages to find out more!

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