How to stop hunger thanks to hormones

How to stop hunger thanks to hormones

How to block hunger by acting on the hormones that cause it? Today I want to continue the discussion of hunger and satiety hormones , which I started with two articles on leptin, the satiety hormone produced by our adipose tissue and regulated by the hypothalamus.

And I do it by talking to you about the substance that we fear most of all, ghrelin, produced by the pancreas (stomach / pancreas) and always regulated by the hypothalamus, which warns us when we are hungry.

In short, ghrelin is essentially the hormone that regulates the sense of hunger, which tells us when we want to eat. In theory, while we eat and in the hours following a meal, the levels of ghrelin in the blood drop little by little and those of leptin, the satiety hormone, rise.

But that’s not all: ghrelin is a hormone which , having been discovered for about thirty years, therefore in a fairly recent era, is still a bit mysterious for scientists.
So much so that a recent discovery indicates it as a key hormone for the solution of type 2 diabetes , because when ghrelin is elevated, the glycemic response will also be elevated.

But back to us: how to stop hunger?
That is, is it possible to reduce the action of ghrelin so that you feel less hungry and satiety more easily?
According to scientists and even experts on eating behavior, yes.

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