How to set up a weight loss program according to JJ Virgin

How to set up a weight loss program according to JJ Virgin

How to set up an effective weight loss program? Here are the tips of the famous nutritionist and sports coach JJ Virgin , who explains which tips to adopt and illustrates a typical slimming day.

The 4 fundamental rules for your weight loss program to be successful
1) Have breakfast within an hour of waking up: JJ Virgin defends breakfast as the important meal of the day. Recently, this study proved her right: according to some experts, skipping breakfast would worsen some metabolic parameters, starting with our ability to manage carbohydrates during the day.
2) Drink water, between meals, even in the form of tea and herbal teas: dehydration causes stress in our body and at the metabolic level. So let’s make sure we drink enough to avoid it. This does not mean having to go to the bathroom eight hundred thousand times a day, please.

3) Do not eat outside the scheduled meals: it is an important rule. Once we have determined that we will have three meals and two snacks, for example, we do not eat anything other than those meals. Even a taste, a piece of something while we cook. No.
4) Make sure you fast for at least twelve hours from dinner to breakfast: this rule according to JJ does not apply to everyone, if for example we are stressed, it is better to avoid the stress of a period without eating. We plan our meals also according to our degree of stress. If we can follow this rule without problems, let’s try: fasting for at least twelve hours at night improves metabolism according to some studies, also enhancing the immune defenses and rebalancing hormones.
After seeing his 4 tips for an effective weight loss program, let’s see a typical weight loss day according to JJ Virgin on page two.

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