How to send the same message to multiple WhatsApp recipients

How to send the same message to multiple WhatsApp recipients

send the same message to multiple WhatsApp recipients

Not many people know about this feature, but WhatsApp allows you to send multiple messages really quickly and easily. This way you can save a lot of time on several occasions. For example on the occasion of the holidays, with the classic greeting messages. Or when you have to make a communication to an organized group. Or if it happens that you have to tell several people the same information. Just send the same message to multiple recipients with the ” broadcast ” function.

Why not use a group then?

The answer is simple: if you create a broadcast list, no one will know that the message has been sent to more than one person.

This function is perfect for the above or similar situations. Nobody, for example, wants to let people know that they used the same phrase or image of good wishes for two or more people. Or maybe it’s a private message that you want to hide.


How to send the same message to multiple contacts:

On iPhone , open the chat list and click on Broadcast Lists in the upper right corner under “Edit”. Then click on New list (below) and enter the names of the contacts you want to send the message to.

On Android (and other operating systems), click Chat-> Menu (top right) and then click New Broadcast . Add recipients of the multiple message and send.


Details about sending multiple messages:

  • None of the recipients know that the message was sent to multiple people.
  • The recipient receives a single message (like a regular chat).
  • If the recipient replies, the new messages sent will only be received by that person (like a single chat).
  • Broadcast messages are received only from contacts who have the sender’s number entered in the phone book.

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