How to quickly deflate after binges?

How to quickly deflate after binges?

How can we quickly deflate after binges?
If we have eaten too much , if in particular we have eaten a lot of sweets and carbohydrates in general, but also a lot of “savory” foods such as cured meats and we have exaggerated with alcohol, we try to implement these good rules to allow the body to deflate quickly.

In less than a week it is possible to do a real reset, allowing the intestine and liver to “catch its breath” after the high-calorie diet that has definitely scrambled them.
And helping the body to eliminate excess fluids caused by a rich and unbalanced diet.



    We clean up the pantry of sweets of all kinds. We cannot continue to eat the sugary and fatty foods of the holidays, and the best thing not to fall into temptation is to not keep them at home. No biscuits, snacks, chocolate bars and chocolates, but we also distance ourselves from very savory foods such as aged cheeses and sausages, sauces of various kinds, condiments apart from oil, spices, vinegar, lemon juice. We also avoid sweetening where possible, without resorting too much to the sweetener though.


    For at least one or two weeks we cook in a simple way, with minimal cooking and a lot of attention to the raw material.

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  • Seasonal vegetables stewed with a little raw oil, raw vegetable snacks, lean meat and especially fish, to be consumed at least 3 times a week but avoiding all canned products for at least two weeks.
  • Among dairy products, we prefer those rich in probiotics such as Greek yogurt, stracchino with yogurt, kefir milk.
  • Instead of foods rich in flour and instead of bread products or the usual pasta, it is better to focus on 40-50 grams of grains for lunch and dinner (raw weight), previously left to soak for an hour.
    The best for those who want to deflate are millet, sorghum, quinoa, buckwheat, oats in grain or flakes.
  • As an alternative to cereals: a portion of 70-80 grams of dried legumes always soaked and perhaps pureed to increase digestibility, and then seasoned with a drizzle of raw oil.
    Those that cause less intestinal discomfort are peas (250 gr if fresh), cannellini or sponge beans, lentils.

    If for lunch and dinner we eat vegetables cooked and lightly sautéed in a pan or steamed and then seasoned with raw oil, between meals, snacks based on simple raw vegetables are perfect for deflating.
    Green light for raw fennel, raw cucumbers, raw carrots, radishes, celery.
    Let’s hydrate with herbal teas. Green tea, dandelion, milk thistle and fennel seeds are perfect for purifying and deflating, water acidulated with lemon juice or citrus fruit mix, cucumber or fennel centrifuged, avoiding soups and minestrone instead.


    In addition to herbal teas, I recommend dry saffron extract for a quick deflating effect, because saffron keeps anxiety, stress and appetite under control.
    Another essential thing are the omega3 from chia seeds and flax and fish, and maybe use some seaweed, rich in mineral salts and vitamins, to flavor fish dishes, vegetables, dry in salads. Or even supplements in the form of mother tincture (fucus, crorella, klamath, spirulina) especially if we have difficulty losing weight, swollen stomach, water retention.

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