How to make an intuitive diet in 5 steps

How to make an intuitive diet in 5 steps

What is the difference between the intuitive diet and other diets? Simple.
The intuitive diet is a non-diet , it means dismantling years of obsessions about food to better live our relationship with both food and our body.

In particular, the intuitive diet is suitable for all those people who have had a bad relationship with food for years , do weight loss diets continuously, do not like each other and fight the extra pounds for a lifetime.

The result is that they avoid eating a lot of foods, and that despite fewer calories and less food the weight does not drop, but instead they have nervous hunger problems, they tend to overeat and thus make the situation worse.

The intuitive diet, as I have often said, is the solution to all these problems.
Let’s see how to do it in 5 steps according to nutritionist Laura Thomas , an expert in intuitive diet.

If we see improvements, if stress is reduced, nervous hunger as well, and many symptoms such as difficult digestion, irritability, insomnia, bloating, regularity problems, anxiety, tendency to overeat, are reduced, you will have links for further information at the end of the book. ‘item.


  1. Get in tune with your hunger – use the hunger scale to figure out how much real hunger you are.
  2. Don’t blame yourself if you’re hungry – see hunger as something your body is telling you, a natural reaction, and not your failure or problem.
  3. Stop thinking in terms of good or bad, right or wrong foods – try to eat what you want instead of what you feel compelled to eat.
  4. Respect your satiety: while you eat, take breaks of 10-20 seconds, to understand how you feel, if full, if you are okay, if you like what you eat.
  5. Don’t be hypercritical with your body – make a list of a hundred things your body allows you to do that are unrelated to appearance. You will find that perhaps you owe him a lot more respect than what you give him. Insights.
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