How to make an ideal breakfast for weight loss

How to make an ideal breakfast for weight loss

How to make an ideal breakfast for weight loss and why does breakfast eaters have to pay attention to what they eat more than at other times of the day? I’ll explain it to you. Breakfast, for those who love to make it, is the moment in which the night fast is interrupted . From then on, the body will use food for energy , starting with a situation (high cortisol and low insulin) in which introducing the right food can make a big difference in terms of weight loss.
If we eat something too sugary, the blood sugar will go up, the insulin will go up, but after this moment of glycemic euphoria, the values ​​will drop again, which will lead us to feel hungry again .

If we eat only proteins, insulin rises differently, the cortisol response changes depending on the type of protein ingested, but then our body will manage carbohydrates poorly during the day, “settling” more easily on a lipid metabolism to cause of the release of ketones ( source ). Well if you are on low carb, less well if you eat a balanced diet. Also, the morning is the time when the body can handle carbohydrates better . A recent study, analyzing which are the best breakfast foods, established that the ideal mix is ​​between low glycemic impact carbohydrates and proteins: this breakfast would give more energy and promote the sense of satiety ( source ).
Finally, let’s ask ourselves what we want from breakfast. 
We want it to be satisfying to start the day well, but to satisfy us enough so that we do not find ourselves hungry after an hour; we want it to be energetic but at the same time to wake us up, not to make us feel like a bell on the stomach. Having established all these things, let’s see how to have an ideal breakfast for weight loss in 4 simple steps.
If you want to know what to bet on, just skip the steps on page two and go to page three.

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