How to lose weight in a week: the lightning plan

How to lose weight in a week: the lightning plan

How to lose weight in a week? Here is a flash plan that can come to our rescue if we have exaggerated in the previous days and want to make amends, or if we want to prepare for a period in which we will stray more or be more relaxed with nutrition, such as a vacation.

It is a regimen that combines three main meals and one or two snacks (you can decide it yourself) of 250 calories for breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, 400 calories for dinner, 150 calories in total for snacks: you get to about 1100 calories in total. Combined with a few tricks to move more, we will know how to lose weight in a week every time we gain weight.

Clearly, if you are interested in understanding how to lose weight in a week, it is logical that you are aiming to lose up to two kilos : to lose more weight a week is not enough.

1100 calorie plan
Breakfast: choose between coffee or tea without sugar plus
– 100 grams of banana (one small banana) with 100 grams of Greek yogurt and 3 tablespoons of oat flakes, cinnamon
– 3 wholemeal rusks with 100 grams of apple or plum compote, 200 ml of skim milk
– a slice of toasted sandwich bread with a scrambled egg in a teaspoon of butter, a small peach or a mandarin
– 40 grams of oat flakes cooked in porridge with 250 ml of skim or soy milk, a handful of red fruits or half plum pieces, cinnamon, stevia

Lunch: choose between
– two slices of toast with tuna salad obtained by mixing 100 gr of low-fat yogurt, aromatic herbs, a can of small tuna, half a cucumber, plus a peach, a pear or a kiwi (125 gr)
– 40 grams of couscous or brown rice in a salad with 100 grams of boiled corona beans, 100 grams of tomato, 200 grams of cucumbers, mint, lemon juice and a level teaspoon of oil or 5-6 chopped olives
– 4 wasa slices or two slices of rye bread toasted with 100 grams of cottage cheese, a sliced ​​tomato, oregano. Plus a 125 gram fruit
– a small pita bread stuffed with 100 grams of boiled chickpeas and blended with half a carrot, slices of raw red pepper. A slice of yellow melon or cantaloupe
– a 200 gram potato boiled and then stuffed with 100 grams of lean ricotta and 200 grams of zucchini cooked in a pan with a little balsamic vinegar, parsley or mint, salt and pepper. As an alternative to ricotta: 150 grams of shrimp or 70 grams of natural tofu.   As an alternative to potatoes, you can vary with 50 grams of wholemeal pasta. As an alternative to zucchini: bean sprouts or mushrooms.

Dinner: Choose from
– 40 grams of stir-fried soy noodles with vegetables of your choice, a teaspoon of soy sauce, curry, herbs, a teaspoon of oil + 125 grams of chicken breast or 70 grams of tempeh, plus one small slice of melon, watermelon or pineapple
– legume and avocado salad with 100 grams of legumes boiled between chickpeas or red beans, 50 grams of avocado or a large boiled egg, half a pepper or two tomatoes, lemon juice, a handful of valerian or songino, plus a slice of rye bread. Plus 100 grams of fruit.
– 100 grams of fresh or smoked salmon with 150 grams of boiled potatoes in a salad with parsley and lemon juice, salt and pepper, plus mixed salad with a level teaspoon of oil, plus a small tangerine or plum. Instead of salmon, a small vegan or veal burger.
– two-egg omelette with a cup of skimmed milk, aromatic herbs and a teaspoon of grated parmesan cooked in a non-stick pan. Mixed salad with a teaspoon of oil. A Greek yogurt with fruit or honey.
– 150 grams of cod in foil with cherry tomatoes, oregano, some olives and garlic. Salad with 100 grams of corn, 2 tomatoes, a cucumber and a teaspoon of oil. A rice cake. 100 grams of melon.

Snack : 100 grams of fruit of your choice + 100 grams of watermelon, or
100 grams of watermelon or melon or 80 grams of orange + 10 almonds + a square of dark chocolate (7 grams)
125 grams dietetic yogurt type vitasnella + 200 grams of melon or 10 almonds.

Workout: Don’t over train during the diet week, while 40 minutes a day of brisk walking plus 5-10 minutes a day of simple bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, pushups and abs can speed up the loss of weight.

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