How to lose weight correctly: the definitive method

How to lose weight correctly: the definitive method

I write this article for all the people who ask me how to be able to lose weight correctly. How to know which diet will be right for us? How to understand how many calories to eat to lose weight without slowing down the metabolism too much? How many carbohydrates to eat?
I will answer all these questions in this article, which will therefore be the first step to help you understand how to lose weight correctly and above all customize your diet. Once you understand these easy concepts, losing weight will be child’s play, seriously. You will also be free to set the diet as you wish, and with absolutely free tools.
Let’s begin? Ready to go with the first step.


There are many formulas on the net to know your energy needs. However, not all of them are adequate.
But what is the energy requirement?
These are the calories we need to take in to stay within our weight, but beware!
If you have recently been on a weight loss diet, it is possible that you have slowed down your metabolism. I recommend that you take a 4 week break from eating normally before making this calculation.
The energy requirement is made up briefly of two items.

  • The basal energy requirement, or the calories we need to keep us alive.
  • The level of physical activity (LAF in Italian) that adds up both our daily activities and our training time.
  • To calculate your energy needs you will need these data: your weight, your height, your age, and of course you have to follow different formulas if you are a man or a woman.

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