How to have breakfast to lose weight?

How to have breakfast to lose weight?

How to have breakfast to lose weight? Avoiding these 6 mistakes that can instead make us gain weight in one of the crucial meals for the day. Nutritionist Sarah Flower explains in fact what are the things not to do at breakfast , and the tricks to follow to get a diet meal that helps metabolism and as a result makes us lose weight instead.

– Avoid bars, industrial preparations often rich in sugars, biscuits, snacks, but also an excess of healthy foods that are too sugary: if you drink a juice, do not also eat dehydrated fruit such as dates or apricots, and limit honey and jams. Identify a single source of sugars and therefore carbohydrates of your choice for breakfast: for example a juice or a fruit or toast.
– Avoid sugar-rich substitute meals , such as some bars and smoothies that are low in calories, but have hidden sugars and too high a carbohydrate percentage.
– If you find it hard to fill yourself, avoid “drinking” your calories:to a juice you prefer a whole fruit, for example, or two slices of toast.
– Avoid unbalanced meals: alongside the sugary food, add sources of monounsaturated fats such as cocoa, almonds or avocado. For example: toast with a slice of avocado or with dark chocolate. Add a protein food, in addition to fat: for example, Greek yogurt, an egg or two, or an omelette with an egg plus an egg white.
– Avoid getting out of bed without having a clue what you will eat for breakfast: schedule breakfast the night before, putting the products you will use on the table, so as to avoid having to eat the first thing that comes within range.
– Don’t just consider calories when it comes to food:a cereal bar can have 100 calories, so very little, but be full of sugar.

Mettendo in pratica i suggerimenti della nutrizionista, vediamo alcuni esempi su come fare colazione per dimagrire.
Esempio uno: pane tostato (25 grammi) integrale, con 40 grammi di avocado o 10 grammi di cioccolato extrafondente, un vasetto di yogurt greco scremato con stevia e cannella, caffè o tè.
Esempio due: un vasetto di yogurt greco scremato o yogurt di soia con una piccola banana a pezzi, cannella, 10 mandorle a pezzi, caffè o tè.
Esempio tre: omelette con un uovo più un albume con 2 cucchiaini di marmellata e un cucchiaino di burro di mandorle, caffè o tè.
Esempio 4: 3 fette biscottate con 100 grammi di ricotta light lavorata in crema con un cucchiaino di caffè e della stevia, 10 grammi di cioccolato fondente.

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