How to get someone to lose weight?

How to get someone to lose weight?

How to get someone to lose weight, and especially when and why?
In this article we will address a very thorny issue.

In fact, as we know obesity is a disease, and it is absolutely normal to be worried about the health of one of our loved ones. Whether it’s a child, a friend or our partner.

However, getting someone to lose weight can be counterproductive for that person, if not ineffective, and there are times when you just do n’t have to.

At the same time, there are other cases where getting someone to lose weight can help and save their life. Moving between one situation and another is difficult, so I will explain which are the cases in which it is better to avoid and which are the cases in which it is useful. In this case we will also see how to convince someone to successfully lose weight.
To make the article easier, let’s break down the cases into three different categories.
Convince your partner to lose weight, persuade your son or daughter to lose weight, persuade a friend to lose weight.


However, this simple, fundamental rule applies to everyone.

Weight loss is something that must start from the individual who wants to lose weight, it is a choice that must make and that will lead him to make sacrifices. From changing one’s diet to changing one’s lifestyle.
It is not an easy path for anyone, and the fact that we have lost weight does not mean that others can take the same path as us and find it suitable.

It is always, in all cases that we will see, counterproductive and harmful to share one’s eating beliefs with third parties if these beliefs are arbitrary and not in line with dietary guidelines and a correct lifestyle.

For example: go to the gym every day, exclude cereals or carbohydrates from your diet, exclude other categories of foods such as milk and cheese or meat and fish, use slimming products, even if they are natural supplements .

So if you want to help someone, the first thing to do is to be the first to be aware of these guidelines, which I report here in Italian.

Guidelines for proper nutrition.
Guidelines for a correct lifestyle. 

At the same time, it is even better in some cases (but not in all) by suggesting the help of a professional in the sector, who in case the person is obese is always and only a dietician. Same thing if the person we want to help is suffering from some pathology, for example is diabetic or suffers from cardiovascular problems.

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