Detox Spa’s 2-day purifying diet

Detox Spa’s 2-day purifying diet

Two days of purifying diet and physical activity to lose a kilo: this is the program of the Glass House Retreat, an elegant and very expensive and exclusive British spa hotel in the Essex countryside . A reporter tried the 2-day diet plan, which costs around 650 euros.

The result is that she has lost a lot of swelling especially in the belly area. But that for 2 days of diet is a very encouraging result, it must be said.

Going on a small 2-day diet is one way to stay fit over the long term.

It is also the secret of the famous Fast diet or 5: 2 diet: diet two days a week if you want to lose weight, two days twice a month or once a month to maintain results.

It is also the same method used by Dr. Harvey, a scientist and oncologist. Diet for two days and eat normally the rest of the week to reduce weight and then maintain it.

In short: two days of diet, especially when combined with exercise, are not a bad idea at all. On the contrary. Studies have shown health benefits with a 2-day diet, including less stress, reduced body fat, and reduced cardiovascular risk

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