How to eat fruit and vegetables correctly

How to eat fruit and vegetables correctly

Eating fruit and vegetables is a way to fill up on vitamins and minerals that our body would not get from other food or that it does not produce endogenously, to get more fiber, more water , and to balance meals with low- quality foods. calorie content but high volume, which satiate and allow us to follow a slimming regimen without going hungry.
But is there a correct way to eat fruits and vegetables?
How to absorb more nutrients? In what hours to eat it and with which foods to combine it?
Here are three tips from nutritionist  Monica Reinagel .

1) CONSUME FATS TO ABSORB LIPOSOLUBLE VITAMINS AND CAROTENOIDS: vitamins such as A and K but also carotenoids , particular pigments contained in plants that neutralize free radicals, are better absorbed in the presence of fats. Just a piece of avocado or some olives in the salad if you don’t like olive oil; or flaked parmesan; or a pinzimonio with olive oil and a hint of mustard and lemon juice; or, for fruit, a teaspoon of almond butter or a piece of dark chocolate or a handful of pistachios.

2) YES TO FRUIT AND VEGETABLES IN SNACKS OR BREAKFAST, BUT BALANCE WITH PROTEIN AND FATS: for example, chopped fruit in a jar of whole Greek yogurt or with creamy tofu; cucumbers and radishes with a small piece of parmesan or a hard-boiled egg. This way your snacks become more filling.

A pinzimonio, a vegetable carpaccio with oil seeds and parmesan flakes, a salad: here are some ideas for a vegetable appetizer that help you fill up sooner, reduce the glycemic load of the meal, to introduce more fiber which will reduce the absorption of calories a little.

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