A plant against high blood sugar, diabetes and sugar hunger

A plant against high blood sugar, diabetes and sugar hunger

It reduces insulin and increases sensitivity to it, but it would also be effective against the hunger for sweets: the plant I am talking about is Gymnema Sylvestre , a plant that has long been used in the ayuverdic medicine of the Asclepiadaceae family, whose phytotherapeutic active ingredients they are triterpene saponins (therefore the same category of saponins found in licorice) that act against high blood sugar, high insulin, the desire for sweets. Other heterosides are present in this plant, including anthraquinones and alkaloid substances, which amplify its effectiveness against high blood sugar and high insulin. Finally, the gurmarin contained in the plant would have an anti-glycemic effect.

Going to take a look at the scientific studies that have dealt with the effectiveness of Gymnema Sylvestre we find in fact some good results:
– in a 2015 study , people who took 600 mg in two doses compared to the placebo group had less triglycerides , lower blood pressure and greater insulin sensitivity, suggesting that Gymnema Sylvestre, while not modifying the body weight of the participants, may be an aid against the metabolic syndrome.
– in a 2010 study , a 500 mg administration of  Gymnema Sylvestre  affected a sample of diabetic patients (diabetes mellitus)
– in a 2014 studywhich bears an analysis of previous studies, Gymnema would have positive effects against high blood sugar, diabetes, arthritis, dental caries and dyslipidemia.

How to use Gymnema Sylvestre against high blood sugar, high insulin and hunger for sweets. First of all, even if we are talking about a herbal remedy, it is always good to talk to your doctor before taking anything, especially if you are taking medications. Herbal remedies are never harmless. I do not recommend mixed formulations, with other phytoremediation remedies that could potentiate the side effects of alkaloids and saponins, making them burdensome for the liver. So avoid Gymnema in association with Guarana, Ginseng, Green tea extract, Caffeine. Here is what I recommend:
– Gymnema Sylvestre in dry extract, 300 mg capsules . Two must be taken a day.

Gymnema in association with lipoic acid, chromium and berberine: this formulation combines the effectiveness of lipoic acid on insulin and chromium on glucose metabolism with the dry extract of Gymnema. Very interesting for those with high blood sugar and prediabetes but not diabetes, it also has a strong antioxidant action. One tablet is taken a day.

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