How to cure Dental Caries |Care for Dental Caries


How to cure Dental Caries | Nutritional cure for Dental Caries:

How to cure Dental Caries
How to cure Dental Caries

Dental caries is a diseases, it is most common disease in children. In this article I will completely discuss about Dental caries cure. I will discuss about what is dental caries? How to reduce risk of dental caries? If you are worried about your tooth decay and dental caries in children then read this article till end.
What is dental caries?
It is an oral disease in which teeth become loos and weak. Their color changes from white to yellow and yellow to black. due to acid forming bacteria that forms acid on teeth. It is most common disease in children and in diabetic patients. It is also common in conditions in which amount of saliva reduced in mouth.

Procedure for Dental Caries:

Dental caries is caused by formation of bacteria on the surface of teeth. They produce acid that is harmful for the weakness of teeth and dental caries. Food debris accumulates on teeth due to improper cleaning of teeth. This food is used as food for bacteria. Bacteria grow on tooth and produce acidic environment.
End position of Dental caries:
Last stage of dental caries cause many oral diseases and it may leads to surgery.
Smell of mouth:
It is a common side effect of dental caries. Many peoples are worried about oral smell that is cause by dental caries.
Yellowish of teeth:
Due to the accumulation of plaque on the surface of teeth it shows yellowish color at initial stage after that this plaque will convert into brown color that cause tooth decay.


Due to the weakness of teeth and gums cause sensitivity of oral cavity. Due to this weakness there will be pain on teeth when we eat or drink any hot and cool food.
Cause for dental caries that should be removed:
Some important causes of dental caries are given below that should be removed:
Higher intake of candies and confectionaries.
Higher intake of sugar.
Dryness of mouth.
Improper cleaning of teeth.
Some important guild lines and tips to get rid of Dental Cries are given below, If you have dental caries then you should to be strictly follow these tips to reduce effect of dental caries. These tips are given below:

Intake of Vitamin D and Calcium:

According to some researches vitamin D is very important to cure dental caries. As we know that Vitamin D and Calcium are two most important components for strength of bones and teeth. These are also involve in the growth and development of teeth. So, higher intake of Calcium and Vitamin D is responsible to cure dental caries.
Reduce intake of Added sugar an confectionaries:
As we know that Dental caries cause by acid causing bacteria that feed on debris of food which we eat. As well as added sugar stick the surface of teeth that cause plaque. So, we should reduce sugar in our diets.

Use Fluoride tooth paste:

As we know that fluoride is very important for the wellness of teeth. So we should always use fluoride and herbal paste.
How to identify herbal paste?
To identify natural and medical tooth paste you should to observe color code on the pack or tube of paste. These codes give specific information about the paste. This information is give below:
Red Color:
Natural + Chemical
Black Color:
Chemical completely
Blue Color:
Natural + medical
Green color:
It shows that paste is pure natural.


Clean your teeth properly:|How to cure Dental Caries

As we know that teeth decay is due to the accumulation of food debris. So we should clean our teeth properly and regularly. Morning time and evening time before sleeping we should clean our teeth. After each and every meal we also brush our teeth with fluoride paste.
Chewing Traditional Sticks:
It is also call “Maswak” it is also another solution to prevent dental caries. It is natural source to clean teeth.

Conclusion:|How to cure Dental Caries

In the light of above discussion we can say that dental caries is very dangerous disease it cause decay of teeth. If we want to prevent dental caries then we should follow these tips:
Increase intake of Vitamin D and Calcium (higher intake may cause many other side effects), Reduce intake of food that contain sugar. , Clean your teeth regularly and use Fluoride paste.
If you want to know more about dental caries then please visit our article:




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